5 Ways to Celebrate SWTOR's Anniversary

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It’s been one year since the first batch of players set foot on their home planets looking to start their own personal Star Wars adventure alongside their friends. As that same first batch dinged level 50, word started trickling down the levels of a less than stellar endgame and completely broken planet Ilum. Then came the patches with everything from standard/convenience features that didn’t make it in on launch day to new operations, flashpoints, warzones, and after a brief mis-fire ranked warzones. Throw into the mix a stream of bad press that would seemingly never end, coupled with some ill timed and unfortunate layoffs and you could say it’s been a pretty turbulent first year for The Old Republic. Before this year put this year in the can, why not take some time to celebrate the things you enjoyed by setting off some fireworks or running a favorite flashpoint. Here’s our top 5 ways to ring in a new year of The Old Republic.

Find an Event

With no official event announced for the anniversary or Life Day, it’s up to us the players to make our own. Head over to the SWTOR site and check out your server’s official forum. There you’ll find at least several threads organizing mass firework displays, parades, and hours of planet hopping.

Run a Favorite Flashpoint/Operation

While you most likely have run them many times over, everybody has a favorite flashpoint. Maybe you enjoyed the story or maybe it was the gameplay; whatever it was what better time to get back in there and relive one of your favorite moments from the game.

Revisit your Origin Planet

There might not be much of a challenge there anymore but your origin planet was where you learned the ropes or the game and took your first steps on your class story that would lead you around the galaxy. The trip could be purely nostalgic. Touring around on your speeder enjoying the sights, or you could create a new level 1 character and relive the experience entirely.

Befriend/Romance a Neglected Companion

Sometimes we can get a little self centered saving the galaxy and we forget about those who have helped/kept the ship clean along the way. What better time to show the less… useful companions what their contribution meant to you. Gifts are a dime a dozen on the GTN, and can you really put a price tag on a new friend anyways?


If you’ve been active in the game within the last month you should have already received your free stack of 25 basic fireworks. For those looking to produce a bigger bang, there are some more elaborate fireworks displays available on the cartel market/GTN. Firing them off willy nilly won’t give you the greatest results however, you’re best to get a group together and coordinate your efforts for a real show.

You can also submit your best displays for a chance to be featured on the SWTOR site and Facebook page. Just send your screenshots to [email protected]!

These are just a few ways to reminisce and celebrate 1 year of The Old Republic. How do you plan on ringing in the new year?