Alderaan Datacron Locations

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In this guide, we provide you with maps and complete directions to each of the datacrons hidden throughout Alderaan in The Old Republic .Datacrons are ancient devices that will provide you with permanent stat boosts, or matrix shards that can be combined to create items for your 'relic' equipment slots. On Alderaan, there are a total of 5 stat boosts - complete details on how to find each can be found below.

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Strength +4

This datacron is located in the eastern portion of Kaamos Territory on a platform sticking out of the Lerantha Dam. You should be able to make out its red glow if you are travelling form the west.

There are two methods of reaching the datacron, the first of which requires you to travel to a vendor south of Tarlarn Outpost. Once there purchase the MGGS (Magnetically Guided Grapple System) and head to the datacron’s location. There is a glowing blue Magnetic Stabilizer just above the platform that will hook-shot you onto the datacron when selected.

Note: The hook shot has been known to "bug-out", and may return you to the launch location instead of dropping you on the platform. Some people have found that activating your speeder while grappling fixes this.

The second method is much simpler and will save you some credits. Follow the rocks to the right of the dam and eventually you will be close enough to jump over to a narrow ledge on the side. From there use the ladder to jump your way up to the datacron.

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Aim +4

To grab this datacron head to the Juran Mountains and across a small bridge west of House Alde. Just across the bridge and to the left you will see a small secluded patch that will take you to an area with a cable running down to a small island. A damaged lift runs along the cable, wait for it to arrive and then ride it down to the datacron.

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Endurance +3

Start off by heading to the vendor “Lain-Ricie” on the path just south of Outpost Talarn in the Juran Mountains. Purchase the Red Detonite Actuator and head for the Ruur Killik Burrows Heroic area in the southern end of Kings Pass. At the very back of the Heroic area travel inside of the cave and take the center passage directly east. You will soon come to a cave in with a detonator attached to one of the boulders. Activate it and collect your reward.

Presence +3

This datacron is very easy to get. Head to the Glarus Valley and then to point (-412, -210), there you will find a Saddled Thranta that will fly you up to the datacron waiting on the cliffs edge.

alderaan, datacron, map, locations, glarus

Willpower +3

Travel to Castle Panteer in the far east of Glarus Valley. After entering the castles main chamber head for the far end of the left wall. There you will find a small door with a gap just big enough to pass through. Once through, go up the stairs and around the Mezzanine to collect your datacron.


The coordinates for the Presence datacron is incorrect, it's -412, +210, not -412, -210.

A male character of one of the two bigger body types is too fat to get into that small door to get the willpower datacron in Castle Panteer... which sucks for an inquisitor like me.

Update: If you have a character that's too fat to get through, pull some mobs and die at the entrance and have a friend walk in and ressurrect you from there.

If you auto run at the crack and repeatedly jump and press p, even large characters will glitch through.

The aim datacron on the rock island in the lake. You can map climb the back of the rock and bypass trying to catch the lift down the cable. Done it twice and I'm a poor map climber.

I just tried repeatedly over several days to use the ladder trick for the datacron by the dam, and it wouldn't let me jump up the ladder, either on foot or on speeder. I see Youtube videos out there showing people doing it, so I am wondering if maybe the devs have disabled it or if I just don't know how to climb a ladder.

No, I just did it about an hour ago. Still possible, but be patient.

The ladder is disabled. If you made it up that thing, you are the world's most elite jumper, because there's nothing there to keep you from sliding right back down to the ledge! On the other hand, the magnetic grappler works quite well, and comes in handy for the green matrix shard on Corellia later on....

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