Augmentation Basics

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When it comes to MMOs everybody is trying to get a leg up on the competition. In SWTOR one of the ways to do this is by augmenting your weapons and armor to add an additional slot capable of holding various augments with stats to complement your class. Prior to patch 1.3 the only way to get an item with an augment slot was to hit it lucky and get a critical on the item being crafted. Luckily that has all changed and augments slots can now be crafted by armstech, armormech, and synthweaving and applied to any piece of equip able gear. Below we go over the basic information you’ll need to get your gear augmented and maxed out in stats.

Getting Augment Slot Kits

As mentioned before, the armstech, armormech, and synthweaving crew skills can all craft the different variations of the augment slot kit. The schematics for the kits can be purchased from their respective class trainers. There are six tiers of Augment kits MK-1 to MK-6, the higher the tier of slot the better quality augments that can be placed in it. Crafting the augment slot kits will take around 25 minutes each to complete and require items from synthweaving, armormech/armstech and slicing as well as 10 Augmentation Slot Components or the corresponding tier. The required materials vary slightly depending on whether you are a synthweaver, armstech or armormech and what rank kit you are crafting. The schematics for crafting MK-6 Augment Kits are as follows.

·         2x Subelectronic Data Module (Slicing)

·         2x Durasteel (Armstech/Armormech) or 2x Primevil Artifact Fragment (Synthweaving)

·         2x Zal Alloy (Armstech/Armormech) or 2x Upari Crystal (Synthweaving)

·         2x Thermoplast Flux (Armstech/Armormech) or 2x Cortosis Substrate (Synthweaving)

·         10x Augmentation Slot Components

All of the items above can be obtained through the crew skills in brackets with the exception of the Augmentation Slot Components. There are 6 tiers of components to match the 6 differnt kits. They can be obtained by reverse engineering green (or higher) items of the same level range as the kits (i.e. reverse engineering a level 43 item will yield a MK-5 Augment Component) or from slicing missions. All of the required materials including Augmentation Components and the kits themselves can be purchased on the Galactic Market if you’ve got the credits.

Augmenting Items

Now that you’ve got your augment slot kit you can head to your nearest Item Modification Table. Once there select the gear you want to modify and choose your kit from the dropdown menu. In addition to the kit you will also be charged a fee each time you apply an augment slot to a piece of gear, the prices are as follows.

·         MK-1:  1,000 credits

·         MK-2 : 2,500 credits

·         MK-3: 4,000 credits

·         MK-4: 6,000 credits

·         MK-5: 15,000 credits

·         MK-6: 30,000 credits

Note: Applying an augment kit to an item automatically binds it to that character.

Augments have become an essential method to maximize your characters potential, whether it be in PVP or an operations group. It’s also a relatively cheap and one of the least time consuming methods to improve your stats so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t get out there and augment up!