Bounty Broker Association Reputation Rewards

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Patch 2.3 is coming with a load of goodies including an all new week long event entitled the "Bounty Contract Hunt". Running this new event is the Bounty Broker Association who has brought a whole new set of goods for you to get your hands on. Below you'll find the current selection from their vendors located in the new Cartel Bazaar on the fleet station.

Bounty Tracker's Armor

This sleep armor set requires newcomer reputation and is bind to legacy.

Contract Hunter's Armor

The Contract Hunter's set comes with two different varieties of helmet and requires Hero reputation to purchase. It is also bind to legacy.

BH-7X Custom Hunter  

This sleek ride can be purchased for 500k credits, and requires a BBA reputation of Champion.


The Lobelot pet requires outside standing and can be purchased for 55k credits.

Swamp Kell Drake

The Drake costs 500k credits and hero standing. It is also available to be traded after purchase.

Drink Server Probe

The Drink Server Probe costs a whoping 750k credits and requires that you have Legend standing with the BBA.

BH-7X HK Customization

This Bounty Hunter Inspired HK-51 customization requires Legend Standing and a cool 1million credits to buy. It is bind to legacy.

Bounty Hunting Treek

Trick out your newest companion by having Friend standing and spending 250k credits.

Assassin’s Bowcasters/ Tracker’s Bowcasters

The first of the two new bowcasters can be bought for 250 credits if you have a newcomer standing with the BBA.

Elite Assassin’s Bowcaster/ Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster

These elite bowcasters can only be purchased with a Hero standing and 750k credits.

Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine

For 250k credits and Friend standing you can own this sweet looking new hand cannon.

The Bounty Broker Association isn't just bringing contracts to the fleet station they have a little bit of everything for those who get on their good sides. Everything from new pets to armor and wepaons can be yours if you;ve go the credits and the reputation.