Bounty Hunter Equipment Guide

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star wars the old republic bounty hunter equipment guide

Bounty Hunters live a hard life, chasing dangerous bounties from one end of the galaxy to another. If he wants to be successful, not to mention just plain survive, the Bounty Hunter will need the best gear he can lay his credit-loving hands on. A Bounty Hunter with top-notch gear is feared and respected, while those with pitiful and antiquated gear are just chum for the nefarious lowlifes that populate the galaxy. To that end, has put together an equipment guide that shows easily accessible gear on every planet.

If you're like me, then chances are that you never get any cool loot drops. You know the kind that I'm talking about; the drops where you find some legendary blaster pistol or armor worn by Mandalorian legends. Most likely you'll just get a bunch of vendor trash or cool items that go to some other class. However, there is a remedy to this situation. On every planet, there are vendors that sell high-quality items that will serve the most hard-hitting Bounty Hunter for quite a while. I'm not talking about the normal vendors that exist to sell trinkets to the visiting rubes, but rather those who actually have good equipment to sell: specialty goods vendors and equipment commendations vendors.

Each planet (save for Hutta) has specialty goods vendors and equipment commendations vendors. Specialty goods vendors have high-quality gear that cost a good deal of credits. If you want quality, then you'll have to pay for it. Equipment commendation vendors sell items that you purchase with planetary commendations. You receive planetary commendations from doing missions, heroic dailies, loot drops, and from doing flashpoints that are associated by level with that particular planet. You can also find equipment commendation vendors on the Imperial Fleet Station.

star wars the old republic bounty hunter equipment guide
If you want to hang with the big boys in the seediest dives in the galaxy, you'll need the gear.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of every possible piece of gear you can acquire. Rather, this equipment guide is designed to point you in the right direction and show you the type of gear, and its quality, that you can find on each particular planet. If you find that you have tons of planetary commendations, you can pick up some mods to further enhance your gear from modification commendation vendors that are available on each planet.

When choosing new equipment, the four main stats you are looking for are: Aim, Aim, Aim, and Endurance. Aim is the most vital stat to a Bounty Hunter as it impacts all your combat abilities. You should be aiming (no pun intended) to get the maximum Aim stat that you can get. The other principal stat is Endurance, which equates into more hits so you can live longer in fights. For armor, you should always go for Heavy Armor so as to ensure that you have the highest possible armor score for maximum protection.


Level Range: 1-10
This polluted cesspool of a planet serves as your introduction to The Old Republic as it's the starting planet for the Bounty Hunter. There is no equipment commendation vendor on Hutta. Instead, you'll find that there is only a specialty goods vendor who has only a single item for sale, a chest piece that requires Hutta planetary commendations to purchase. This is to be expected as you'll quickly leave Hutta for greener, and better smelling, pastures.
Example Items:


Dromund Kaas

Level Range: 10-16
This remote jungle world is now the home of the Emperor and his Dark Council and, thus, serves as the center of the Sith Empire. Your equipment choices are more varied here than they were on Hutta. There are two specialty vendors here. One can be found at the spaceport entrance whilst the other is in Kaas City. The specialty good vendors carry blaster pistols, foot armor, and hand armor. At the equipment commendation vendor, you can find blaster pistols and leg armor.
Example Items:



Level Range: 16-20
The war-ravaged planet of Balmorra offers some nice gear to the enterprising Bounty Hunter. You can buy a really good helmet from the specialty goods vendor, and the equipment commendation vendor offers waist armor, hand armor, and foot armor. Grab them before the Republic steps up the size of their forces upon the planet.
Example Items:


Nar Shadda

Level Range: 20-24
This sleazy world operates on pure criminal enterprise, which makes it a perfect fit for Bounty Hunters. The specialty goods vendor has a good piece of chest armor available. The equipment commendation vendor offers quite the equipment spread with head armor, wrist armor, shields, and blaster pistols. Just make sure you’re buying from a semi-reputable dealer and not from the back of a speeder parked in an alley.
Example Items:



Level Range: 24-28
This hot desert world offers opportunity and, if you’re not careful, sunstroke. The future home of Luke Skywalker and mismatched cantina fights, Tatooine’s equipment commendation vendor offers waist armor, wrist armor, and chest armor. For a handful of credits, you can buy a really nice blaster pistol from the specialty goods vendor. These are the bargains you are looking for…
Example Items:



Level Range: 28-32
The current home of snobbish noble families and the future location of an asteroid field courtesy of a certain Death Star, Alderaan’s beautiful landscapes offer plenty of opportunity for a resourceful scoundrel. You can find a good piece of waist armor at the specialty goods vendor and at the equipment commendation vendor, you can trade in your planetary commendations for foot armor, leg armor, and ear pieces.
Example Items:



Level Range: 32-36
Taris may be a polluted, post-apocalyptic hell-hole, but it does offer an amazing quantity of useful gear from the vendors. The specialty goods vendor offers a number of different sets of hand armor. The equipment commendations vendor offers a large number of blaster pistols, waist armor, and leg armor. You definitely won’t want to live on Taris, but you’ll definitely want to visit to get your hands on some of the gear found there.
Example Items:



Level Range: 36-37
While you’re only a Quesh for a short time, you can definitely make the most of your visit by picking up one of the several different sets of wrist armor sold by the equipment commendation vendor. If you’ve got a fat bank account, you can spend quite a bit at the specialty goods vendor picking up some ear pieces and hand armor.
Example Items:



Level Range: 37-41
This frigid ball of ice is where you’ll pick up your favorite tanking jawa, Blizz. Between dodging wampas, pirates, republic soldiers, and frostbite, you can pick up some waist armor and head armor from the equipment commendation vendor. High quality ear pieces can be purchased from the specialty goods vendor. Thermal underwear is highly recommended while shopping on Hoth.
Example Items:



Level Range: 41-44
This strange planet of icy mountains and tropical rifts is also a prison planet, housing many of the galaxy’s worst scum. Of course, by the time the player arrives, chaos abounds and anarchy is everywhere. However, in chaos, there is opportunity. Players can purchase leg armor from the specialty goods vendor and blaster pistols, head armor, shields, and ear pieces from the equipment commendation vendor.
Example Items:



Level Range: 44-47
This world of autumn splendor and two warring races provides the opportunity for some skullduggery and lots of credits. Players can shop at the equipment commendation vendor and purchase blaster pistols, foot armor, and hand armor. You can also pick up blaster pistols and shields from the specialty goods vendor with your hard-earned cash.
Example Items:



Level Range: 47-50
This highly industrial planet is one of the founding members of the Republic. Players can tilt the government of Han Solo’s homeworld toward the Empire with some truly dirty deeds. To help achieve your goals, make sure you pick up some new blaster pistols, chest armor, shields, chest armor, and hand armor from the equipment commendation vendor. Bounty Hunters can also purchase their choice of several different sets of wrist armor from the specialty goods vendor.
Example Items:



Level Range: 50
The PvP world of Ilum offers some of the finest equipment available. However, you’ll have quite a bit of work to do to get the commendations needed to purchase equipment here. To buy items from the mission support vendor, you’ll need to use daily commendations. With them you can purchase implants and ear pieces. From the specialty goods vendor, you can purchase your choice of wrist armor.
Example Items:


From the items listed above, you should have a fair idea of what’s available to you planet to planet. Grab as many commendations as you can and loot as many credits from the pockets of your dead enemies to grab the best gear you can afford to get. A feared Bounty Hunter is a properly equipped one. Don’t be one of those losers who think they’re a Bounty Hunter with some derelict old armor they scavenged from a junkyard and a blaster that can barely burn a piece of paper. Smash all hope in your enemies when they see your state-of-the-art heavy armor and death-dealing weapons. Your reputation can be your greatest asset.