Cartel Coin Conversion

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The new market of The Old Republic may run on Cartel Coins, but we here in the real world still operate by the all mighty dollar. While the price points of the Cartel Coin packages have been detailed, how much is that shiny new speeder really going to cost you? In our latest endeavor into the F2P topic we translate Coins to Dollars and let you know how to get the most bang for your buck.

There are four options when buying cartel coins and the packages range from 450CC to a whopping 5500CC. Unsurprisingly, the larger the pack you get the higher the ratio of Cartel Coins to Dollars will be. If you plan on making a lot of purchases the bigger packs are definitely the most cost effective.


$4.99 for 450CC = 90CC per $1 (or 1.1 cents per CC)
$9.99 for 1050CC = 105CC per $1 (or 0.95 cents per CC)
$19.99 for 2400CC = 120CC per $1 (or 0.83 cents per CC)
$39.99 for 5500CC = 137CC per $1 (or 0.73 cents per CC)

Cost of Current Market Items

If you apply the numbers above to some of the current items in the Cartel Market and compare that to the $14.99 subscription cost you can easily figure out the most cost effective method for you. Let’s go over a few example items. For the calculations we used the median price per CC of 90 cents on “per character” basis, what you pay will vary slightly depending on what size coin pack you purchased and will increase if you choose to go account wide.

Additional Quickbars:  250CC= $2.25

10 GTN Sale Slots:  125CC= $1.13

Additional Crew Skill:  420CC= $3.78

Unlock Species (Account Wide):   600CC= $5.40

Carbonite Chamber:   720CC= $6.48

Advanced Color Crystal:  900CC= $8.10

Artifact Equipment Unlock:  1200CC= $10.80

As you can see many of the items, customizations and unlocks that subscribers enjoy by default add up fairly quickly when purchased with cartel coins. That being said, for those only interested in the game for one or two of its features (i.e. warzones, flashpoints) and aren’t too picky about their customization options can find some savings here. See for yourself, use the unit price of the Cartel Coins above to calculate how much it would cost you to continue to play the parts of the game you enjoy on a F2P plan.