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The switch to a FTP model has been a controversial one since it was announced by Bioware mainly due to the fact that there have been very little details released regarding how the new currency system would work and what could be purchased with cartel coins. With the latest patch on the PTS server we get our first look at the Cartel Coin Shop which will serve as the in game supplier of everything from cosmetic items like pets and mounts, to enhancements that boost XP and valor. Read on for a list of some of the items launching with FTP and the coins you’ll have to spend to get them.

Cartel Packs

Currently there are only two “Cartel Packs” available for purchase, both of which provide a random collection of rare goods and an enhancement. The Black Market Cartel pack goes for 180CC and contains a rare bonus item with small chance of it being a super rare, a companion gift (at least prototype), and either and XP or a Social Point boost.

The Crime Lord Cartel Pack is the larger and more expensive of the two at 360CC. Those extra credits will get you two rare bonus items with a larger chance of them being super rare, an XP or Social Point boost, a crafting material (at least prototype), and a companion gift (at least prototype).


The cosmetic tab in the Cartel Market contains everything from speeders, pets and gadgets to new out of combat regeneration animations. Some items seem to also come with added benefits that can save you some cartel coins. The Longspur Sportster includes the Legacy Perk of Speeder Piloting 1, so be sure to check those bullet points before purchase.


The “unlocks” section is where you’ll be able to purchase access to new areas, unlock game features, unlock races, and increase the variety of equipment you can wear. Many things that come standard to subscribers will be found here for a price. There are four different varieties of unlocks found in this tab, unlocks, authorizations, legacy, and customization control.

Unlocks provide access to many quality of life features including guild bank access, more trade network slots, storage space, and more quickbars. Purchase like the quickbars, storage and trade slots can be repeatedly purchased to increase their number up to a maximum.

Authorizations allow the player to equip higher quality gear and mods as well as the option to customize their companion. Currently it looks as though FTP players will have access to gear up to prototype and will have to purchase the ability to wear artifact from both story and PVP sources.

There are two varieties of legacy perks thus far, race unlocks and speeder piloting. The speeder piloting unlocks grant you their corresponding piloting skill at a reduced level (15 levels less). Race unlocks give the player access to that race for both factions during character creation.

Finally there are the customization controls. If you’re not happy with your current heat slot item you can purchase the option to remove it here. Other items available to the FTP’ers are unifying colors, displaying titles, and showing legacy names.


The equipment tab contains exactly that, equipment. With the exception of weapons, all items can be worn by any class. The only catch is that they come pre-fitted with removable mods specific to their corresponding class (i.e. Destroyer armor comes with strength, endurance mods.). Currently there is only one weapon, Gamorrean Axe, and one color crystal +41 orange.


Like the name suggests, all items in the consumables tab only last for a predetermined amount of time. The two boosts available are for Valor and XP both of which have a Major (3 hour time limit) and Minor (1 hour time limit) variety. You can also buy a five pack of XP boosts for a slightly reduced price.

Weekly passes can also be purchased in the consumables section for Flashpoints, Warzones, Operations, and Space Missions. Each pass gives 7 days of access with each additional pass used adding another 7 days on top.

On the convenience side of things there are three passes available. The single use fleet pass, the medical probes, and the quicktravel pass. The fleet and quicktravel passes are single use, while purchasing the medical probes will probe 5 revives in the field.