Cartel Pack Contents

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Love them or hate them Cartel Packs are here to stay and initial reports from Bioware have stated that they have been the most popular item on the Cartel Market by a large margin. This has mainly been due to the strategic implantation of “rare” and “super-rare” items that have a chance of dropping in the packs, which are also (conveniently) the only way to obtain them.

The packs themselves come in two varieties, the Black Market and the Crime Lord Cartel Packs. The black market pack goes for 180CC and contains one boost item, a companion gift, and a random Rare/Super-Rare item. If you want to up the ante you can opt for the Crime Lord Cartel Pack which costs 360CC. Purchasing one of these will get you a boost item, companion gift, crafting material, and two Rare/Super-Rare items. It should also be noted that the chances of the item being Super-Rare instead of just Rare is higher if you purchase the Crime Lord Pack.

In cash money the prices for each pack roughly come to $2 for the Black Market and $4 for the Crime Lord, based off the price of $4.99 for 450CC.

If you don’t like an item you got in a pack you can always sell it on the GTN, usually for a fairly hefty amount of credits depending on the rarity of the item. Unfortunately the items are bound to your character for 2 days if you’re a preferred player and 3 days if you are strictly F2P. After the timer has expired you can do what you will with the items, trade and sell them at your whim.

The type of Rare/Super-Rare items you can possibly receive in a pack come in many varieties. It may be weapon, pet, vehicle, armor, emote, or social item. As with the quality, the one you receive is completely random for each pack.

To give you an idea of what the Cartel Packs can potentially hold we’ve put together a short list of just a few of the rarer items known to come out of them. If you’ve received a rare item not on the list, be sure to give us a heads up in the comments below.

Overlord Commanders Throne


Nihilus Mask


Crime Lord Title


White Crystal