Choosing an Advanced Class

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Choosing an advanced class in the Old Republic is as or more important than making your initial class choice. This is especially true in the case of classes like the Consular/Inquisitor and the Agent/Smuggler, as the choice you make will alter your play style a great deal particularly in a group setting. While your choices for choosing a specific class/advanced class may be based not on what you want to do but on a character type you want to play, there are some things to keep in mind from the class selection screen all the way to level ten. Below we take a brief look at the advanced classes of SWTOR and the play-styles they offer the player. As the faction’s classes are basically mirrors of one another we’ll also be pairing them together with their equivalents.

Choosing an Advanced Class

Before an advanced class is picked you have to know how to do it. Upon reaching level 10, you should be finished with your origin planet and heading for the fleet station. After exiting the shuttle and heading up the elevator you should see an available quest directly in front of you. The quest will run you through the basics of the available advanced classes and point you in the direction of your class trainer where you will make the choice.

Sith Warrior & Jedi Knight

AC: Juggernaut/Guardian Vs. Marauder/Sentinel

One of the more difficult choices, you will have to decide between a character who operates primarily as a melee tank or a melee DPS. While the Juggernaut/Guardian can perform decently as a DPS, there’s no real debating that the Marauder/Sentinel more easily puts out the larger numbers. The tradeoff of course is that the Marauder/Sentinel lacks the survivability of the Juggernaut/Guardian.

Class Guides:

Juggernaut     Guardian

Marauder        Sentinel

Sith Inquisitor & Jedi Consular

AC: Assassin/Shadow Vs. Sorcerer/Sage

Unlike choosing between the somewhat similar play-styles of the Warrior/Knight advanced classes, the choice for Inquisitors and Consulars is easier to make due to the large difference between the two AC’s.

Assassins and Shadow’s main role in a group will be that of a tank. The tanking style of them is a little different than that of the Warrior and Guardian however, as they rely more on defensive abilities and damage mitigation to survive fights, as opposed to armor and shield generators. They also have the added benefit of being able to stealth.

The role of Sorcerers and Sages can either be that of a ranged DPS or a Healer, depending on what tree you specialize into. They do both roles quite well, so if you have no care to tank this is an Advanced Class that will keep you entertained for some time.

Class Guides:

Assassin          Shadow

Sorcerer           Sage

Imperial Agent & Smuggler

AC: Operative/Scoundrel Vs. Sniper/Gunslinger

No tanks in this bunch, your either going to be a melee DPS, ranged DPS, or a healer. This is also the only class other than the Warrior/Knight to offer a completely DPS focused advanced class in the form of the Sniper/Gunslinger.

Operatives and Scoundrels are the other classes capable of stealth, which they can use to perform deadly close range sneak attacks with either a vibroknife of scattershot. They can also choose to go the healing route via their skill tree and have a variety of heals for any situation.

If long-range damage dealing is your thing then you can do no better than the Sniper or Scoundrel. These two advanced classes through stealth out the door in favor of high-powered blaster attacks that do massive damage and control the enemy’s movements.

Class Guides:

Operative        Scoundrel

Sniper             Gunslinger

Bounty Hunter & Trooper

AC: Powertech/Vanguard Vs. Mercenary/Commando

The armor-clad denizens of the SWTOR universe, the Bounty Hunter and Trooper can fill any role between their advanced classes.

The Powertech and Vanguard classes are the games only ranged tanks. If you like tanking but are looking for something a little different you may want to give either a try. They sport heavy armor and blaster rifle to get the job done. Their utility in PVP matches is also second to none, so those looking to specialize in that area should give this AC a look.

Much like the Sorcerer and Sage the Mercenary/Commando advanced classes can fill the role of healer and ranged DPS effectively. One of the differences is that the Mercenary/Commando can wear heavy armor and thus have a slight advantage when it comes to survivability.

Class Guides:

Powertech      Vanguard

Mercenary      Commando