Class Preview: Sith Warrior

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If there is one particular class in The Old Republic that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, it would be the Sith Warrior. Powered by nothing but hate and rage they are able to deal devastating lightsabre blows and channel the dark side of the force into attacks that literally choke the life out of you. When you combine this lethality with a complete lack of moral compass, and training by an order that promotes killing your way to the top, what you get is one scary, homicidal, no-nonsense, lightsabre wielding, force choking bad-ass.

The Story So Far

The story starts off on Korriban, home-world of the Sith and site of the warrior and inquisitor training grounds alike. Unlike the inquisitor you don’t start off as an underdog and are immediately picked out by a high up at the academy, with the intention of using you as his weapon in a play for power. This will be the continuing theme throughout your time on Korriban, as you yourself are competing against fellow initiates, all looking to become full-fledged Sith.

After that it’s off to Dromund Kaas, home of republic spies, slave rebellions, deadly vinecats, and more Sith political intrigue.



A lightsabre specialist the Sith Warrior comes equipped with an action bar full of deadly moves that make it more than a match for any enemy they encounter. Powering these abilities is rage, which is built up by performing more basic attacks and by receiving damage if in defensive stance.

Juggernaut Defining Points

·         Wears heavy armor

·         Wields a single lightsabre, and shield generator in off-hand

·         Specializes in tanking and damage

Marauder Defining Points

·         Wears medium armor

·         Wields dual lightsabres

·         Specializes in damage

Some of the earlier abilities Sith Warrior’s will rely on to dispatch their foes are:

Assault – Basic rage building lightsabre attack.

Vicious Slash – A more powerful lightsabre attack that consumes rage.

Force Charge – Use the force to leap to your target dealing significant damage. Also, immobilizes, interrupts and builds rage.

Smash – An area of effect attack that has the added bonus of stunning weak and standard enemies.

Sabre Ward – Reduces damage from ranged, melee, force, and tech attacks for a short period of time.

Ravage – A channeled series of lightsabre attacks that deals a large amount of damage. Has the added effect of stunning standard enemies for the duration.

Retaliation – After a successful dodge or parry, strike back at the target dealing weapon damage. Cannot be dodged or parried.

The Juggernaut advanced class contains many abilities and attacks that make an excellent choice for players looking to fulfill the role of a tank, while still dealing enough damage to take down enemies with ease.

Guard – Protects a target, reducing all damage they receive and threat produced. If they are attacked by an enemy player a portion of the damage is transferred to the Warrior.

Soresu Form – A defensive lightsabre stance that reduces damage and increases armor, threat and shield chance.

Sundering Assault – A lightsabre attack that reduces armor (stackable) for a period of time, and builds rage.

Taunt – Forces the enemy to attack the Warrior. If the target is an enemy player they will inflict less damage unless attacking the Warrior.


During my playthough with the Sith Warrior I only had the chance to adventure with the initial companion, Vette. Despite the fact that she was being held against her will, Vette turned out to be very helpful (maybe it was the shock collar), dealing out a good amount of ranged damage while I dove into the thick of things.

My social interactions with Vette usually ended with a healthy dose of shock collar, but players with a penchant for the light side can opt to remove it fairly early on. Although I wasn’t trying to get on her good-side I did notice that her affection rating usually increased when I chose the more neutral/ sarcastic of the three dialogue options I had.

Vette Abilities:

Burst – Fires a powerful barrage of dual blaster fire.

Excavation Charge – Vette throws an explosive charge that deals AOE damage.

Aimed Blast – A very powerful shot from dual blasters that deals kinetic damage.

Survival Instinct – Increases melee and ranged defenses for a short period of time.

Early Impressions

Having played through as the Republic version of the Sith Warrior (Jedi Knight) previously during the beta test, I didn’t expect much of a variance in gameplay. In fact I was right, the Sith Warrior is almost the mirror image of their Jedi counterpart, but for a couple reasons I them more fun to play. This was for a couple of reasons, the first of which is style.

As previously mentioned, the gameplay of a Warrior is extremely similar to the Knight. Where they differ, and why I prefer the Sith Warrior, is the style (ie. Combat animations). Although the lightsabre is a near weightless weapon, some of the warriors more powerful attacks play out as if it were a made of something quite a bit heavier than light. This helped make those powerful attacks feel… well… more powerful, especially in PVP when you’re unleashing them on a Jedi.

As far as companions go, Vette filled her role as ranged dps pretty well. I would charge into a group of enemies, onto the strongest guy if there was one, and she would pick off the others with her surprisingly powerful dual blaster combination. While having some heals during the early levels like the Bounty Hunter would have been nice, it wasn’t a deal breaker as the Warrior has a few more incapacitating abilities that make up for it.

As with all class stories on the Imperial side the Warriors is filled with conspiracy, and backstabbing. And although you are presented with three choices in each conversation, I unflinchingly succumbed to the dark side every time.  Maybe it was because everyone else on Korriban was doing it and I had fallen prey to peer pressure, or maybe I was just tired of the peace loving Jedi. Either way I found that the Sith Warrior class story (at least for the first 15 levels or so) did a great job making evil seem necessary.

 Any wannabe Darth’s that have a taste for melee combat should definitely check out the Sith Warrior. Whether as the Marauder or the Juggernaut the Warrior proves to be a fun and functional class to play in combat and the story.