Commendations of The Old Republic

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No matter what you’re doing in The Old Republic chances are you’ll be accumulating some sort of commendation. These range from the planetary commendation acquired through questing, heroics, and random drops. To the warzone and mercenary commendations garnered from PVP matchmaking and open world respectively. In this guide we take a look at how to get each of the different commendations in the game, where to cash them in, and what you can expect to get out of them.

Keeping track of all those commendations is done via the inventory panel. Once open, look for the tab at the bottom labeled currency. Every commendation you collect will be kept here within the planet or PVP & Space sub-categories.

 Planetary Commendations


How to get them:  
This is the first, and most common, type you will be receiving during your characters progression from one to fifty. Each planet has their own specific commendation awarded for certain quests, heroics, and from random drops throughout the planet.

Another way to get them is by completing the Flashpoint Daily Quest. Once you complete the flashpoint you’ll have the option of two different planetary commendations (from around that flashpoints lvl bracket) to choose from.

Rewards:  Planetary commendations offer two types of rewards, modifications and equipment. Designed to provide you with some decent gear on your way to the next planet, they cannot be exchanged for another planetary commendation, so it’s best to use them when you can.

Vendors for these items can be found on your faction’s fleet in the “Supply” quarter or on their corresponding planet in the main town/starport.


Fleet Commendations

How to get them:  Space combat quests and dailies provide your only source of fleet commendations. These are called “Space combat operations” which require you to take part in several individual combat missions to complete.

Rewards: Space Combat Commendations can be turned in at the speeder/starship booth, in the Galactic Trade Market quarter.

Rewards include various pieces of custom armor (empty mod slots), random loot chests, and ship upgrades like the EMP Generator and Electronic Warfare Pod.

PVP Commendations

Warzone Commendations: Acquired by completing warzone PVP matches, more is received for a win and for each medal earned. They can be exchanged for Mercenary Commendations at a 3:1 ratio.

You can trade them in for PVP armor and weapons in the Combat Training Quarter of the Fleet Station.

Tip: The maximum amount of warzone/mercenary commendations that can be held is 1000. Be sure to trade in your Warzone for Mercenary before hitting the cap or any new ones gained will go to waste.

Mercenary Commendations: You can get these by trading in 30 warzone commendations at the PVP Vendor located directly beside the PVP Daily terminal in your faction’s station. They can be traded in along with an amount of Warzone Com’s for Champion Gear Bags. They can also be used to purchase Warzone Medpacks and Stims, as well as several mounts from the PVP vendor.

Champion Gear Bags: Contain Centurion Commendations and a smaller amount of Champion Commendations. There is also a chance that a Champion Gear Token will take the place of the commendations, which can be exchanged directly for the corresponding piece of gear.

They are received for completing Daily and Weekly PVP Quests, and can also be purchased using Warzone & Mercenary Commendations. The quests are picked up at the PVP Terminal in the fleet station, within the Combat Training Section. The commendations are turned in at your class PVP vendor in the same area of the station.

Battlemaster Gear Bags: Contain Champion Commendations and a chance for a Battlemaster Gear Token. The Token can then be exchanged for its corresponding piece of gear. You must be valor rank 60 to open these bags.

You can get these bags by completing the Daily/Weekly PVP Quest, but unlike the Champion Com’s, they cannot be bought with warzone/mercenary commendations. The Battlemaster Vendors are location with the other PVP vendors in the Combat Training quarter of the Fleet Station.



Daily Commendations

These commendations are received for completing daily quests on Ilum and Belsavis. You can use these commendations to purchase Rakata level implants, barrels, armoring, and earpiece in your faction’s base on Ilum.

Flashpoint / Operation Commendations

In addition to the gear tokens for Tionese, Columni, and Rakata items that drop while in the instance, the Daily and Weekly quests provide commendations that can be exchanged for that same gear (excluding Rakata).

These quests can be picked up at the terminal in the Supply quarter of your faction’s fleet, and for Flashpoints, come in both a normal and hard mode. The daily flashpoint quests require that you complete only one of the listed flashpoints, while the weekly takes three different ones to complete. To complete the operation weekly you must make “Significant Progress” in one of the listed operations, meaning you must defeat one of the bosses.

When you have completed these quests they can be turned in at the same location, and the commendations received used at the nearby vendors.