Space Battle Guide: Nez Peron Sweep and Archenar Interception

SWTOR Space Battles - Nez Peron Sweep and Archenar Interception

Every true space dog enjoys flying around in his own personal ship and taking part in various space battles while playing The Old Republic. To help you win a glorious victory in the Nez Peron Sweep (Sith Empire) or Archenar Interception (Republic) missions, the team at has put together a complete guide including strategy info and combat tips.

The Nez Peron Sweep (Sith) and the Archenar Interception (Republic) missions are one of the two space combat missions you acquire at level 20. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. The objective of the mission is to destroy a large number of enemy fighters while flying through an asteroid field. The final objective of calculating the jump to light speed can be ignored as that it is done automatically if you succeed in the space combat mission.

Sarapin Assault and Makem Te Assault Mission Briefing

Name: Nez Peron Sweep (Sith) / Archenar Interception (Republic)
Level: 22
Time Duration: 3 minutes, 50 seconds

Mission Description: Sith Empire

SWTOR Nez Peron Sweep Mission

A Republic fighter wing has established a position over the Imperial-aligned agricultural planet of Nez Peron. Reinforcements are needed to eliminate the Republic vessels so Nez Peron’s resources can be secured for the Empire.



Mission Description: Republic

SWTOR Archenar Interception Mission

Enemy fighters have been detected attempting to slip through the Archenar asteroid field in order to attack nearby shipping lanes. These fighters must be intercepted before they can wreak havoc on Republic supply lines.

Primary Objectives:

  • Destroy 60 enemy fighters.
  • Calculate the jump to light speed (ignore this objective as it is done automatically if you successfully finish the space combat mission).

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy 12 turrets on the enemy capital ship.

Nez Peron Sweep and Archenar Interception Strategy

This space battle is a pretty brutal one. To have any chance of successfully finishing this mission, you’ll need Tier 1 upgrades in all six of your main ship’s equipment slots: Beam Generator, Beam Charger, Armor, Energy Shield, Shield Regenerator, and Missile Magazine. Your ship will take a pounding in this space battle.

The first danger you’ll need to stay aware of are the asteroids. Running into an asteroid will knock your shields down and damage your ship’s armor in a second. You’ll do a number of close fly-bys as you navigate through the asteroid belt, so learn how best to avoid the floating death traps.

Nez Peron Sweep and Archenar Interception space combat

The enemy fighters that you’ll be facing represent the other side of the coin, danger-wise, as you do this space combat mission. There are so many that you’ll face that you can tend to focus on them and not the asteroids. Always know where the asteroids are. The enemy fighters that fly past you into your field of vision can’t threaten you. The enemy fighters you need to keep an eye out for are the squadrons that fly towards you firing their blasters nonstop. Not only are they hard to see within the asteroid belt, but they will sometimes just appear over the edge of an asteroid that you’re flying around. Your best bet is to use your missiles to wipe those fighters out quickly or get some quick blaster shots in.

This space combat mission will task your shields more than any other of the initial five space battles. Asteroid collisions will damage them as well as enemy fighters pounding blaster fire from your twelve-o-clock. Don’t fire your blasters continuously so your shields can recharge. Keeping shields up will keep you alive.

During the space combat, you’ll have the chance to fulfill the secondary objective when an enemy capital ship appears. You’ll have two passes in the middle of the mission and one at the end to try to knock out twelve turrets on the ship. If your shields are charged and you have plenty of missiles, then go ahead and go for it. However, if your shields are down, then I would pass the secondary objective up and let my shields recharge for the final push to the end of the mission.

This concludes the mission briefing for the Nez Peron Sweep and Archenar Interception missions. Good luck and good hunting.


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