Complete List of Warzone Medals and How to Earn Them [Updated]

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Warzone medals are one of the ways The Old Republic rewards players for contributing to their team’s chances of victory in a given match. In fact, the scoreboard presented at the end of a warzone is initially filtered to display based on the overall number of medals earned by each player by default.

  • The Gold ranking is awarded for earning 15 or more medals during a match
  • The Silver ranking is awarded for 7-14 medals
  • The Bronze ranking is awarded for 1-7 medals

In a broader sense, each of the potential medals you can earn is based on one of the other core data categories displayed on the warzone scoreboard:

  • Damage – All damage done to other players during the match will be shown here. While DPS specs will commonly do more overall damage during a match, all specs are capable of earning at least the first ranks of the damage-based medals listed below.
  • Kills – DPS and Tanking specs most commonly earn the highest kill counts during a match, though the raw kill count medals are still easily obtainable by healers so long as they’re doing damage to enemy players as well as healing their teammates.
  • Protection – This column is specific to tanks, or any advanced classes with access to taunting abilities. In PvP, taunting an enemy player will reduce the damage they do to any other enemy player, thus helping your teammates by mitigating incoming damage unless the target of your taunt attacks you. AoE taunts can very quickly lock in the medals based on protection.
  • Deaths – Thankfully, there are no medals currently rewarded for the number of times you die during a match. Though you have to admit it would be funny to watch players purposefully die just to lock in an extra medal or two.
  • Healing – While some of the healing medals will only be achievable by players with a healing spec, or by wholly focusing on healing your team during a warzone, at least one can be easily obtained by all classes via consumable med packs.
  • Objectives – Defending an capture node, planting or defusing a bomb, taking out an enemy ball carrier all yield either attacker or defender points.

The primary reason players will want to earn at least a few medals per warzone is simple: 250 Valor and 5 Warzone Commendations are awarded per medal at the end of each match.

As for the medals that can be earned, we’ve compiled a complete listing below. We’ve also added some useful tips on how to earn each medal, but also encourage you to add any other tips you have for earning a specific medal in the comments below.

Warzone Medals in The Old Republic

Annihilator – 5k Damage Single Hit

  • This medal will mainly require a critical, direct damage hit, but you can augment your chances of earning it through the use of adrenals and any abilities or skills that increase damage dealt with specific high damage skills.

Assassin – 1 Solo Kill

  • If you’ve ever had a player chase you half way across the map (and directly away from their team’s current objective) just to land a killing blow on you, it’s likely because they’re trying to earn this medal.
  • You’ll basically need to “divide and conquer” to earn this one, so you’ll earn it most commonly in Huttball since the fighting in Void Star and Alderaan matches tends to be done in clusters around the warzone objectives, while players in Huttball are more commonly found spread out across different points on the map.
  • Using cheap tactics such as grappling, force pulling, or knocking enemy players into the flame traps in Huttball can lock this one in extremely easily for certain classes, while most others have to actively work to earn it.

Combatant – 75k Damage Dealt

  • At lower levels this one can be harder to achieve, especially for healing specs. It can also largely depend on the map, and whether you focus more on objectives than fighting enemy players. For example, it’s entirely possible to capture a turret and defend it in Alderaan for the duration of a match without ever entering combat with other players.
  • A higher rank of this medal can be earned for dealing 300k damage in a single match, but is rarely seen prior to hitting level 50 as a DPS spec.

Commando – 10 Kills

  • Most, if not all players in a match typically earn this medal so long as you're actively engaging in combat (in other words, damaging enemy players vs. wholly focusing on healing).




         Dauntless I- 10 min victory
         Dauntless II- 9 min victory
         Dauntless III- 8 min victory
         Dauntless IV- 7 min victory
         Dauntless V- 6 min victory
         Dauntless VI- 5 min victory

  • The dauntless medals are recieved for completeing a warzone is a short period of time. The medals are cummulative, meaning if you recieve Dauntless VI you will also recieve V through I.




         Defense Basic- 1k defender points
         Defense Bronze- 3k defender points
         Defense Silver- 5k defender points
         Defense Gold- 7.5k defender points
         Defense Platinum- 10k defender points
         Defense Diamond- 15k defender points

  • Commonly earned in Alderaan so long as you actively defend a turret captured by your team. Fighting between turrets or using the grapple / force pull exploit to instantly kill other players who get too close to your ‘safe zone’ landing platform isn’t advised if you want to earn this one.
  • Earned in Void Star for successfully disarming the bombs on doors once activated by the enemy team. Much harder to earn on this map overall, however.
  • In Huttball the best way to lock in defender points is to actively work to defeat the ball carrier of the enemy team.  

Demolisher – 2.5k Damage Single Hit

  • Most DPS specs earn this one quickly, though it does typically take a critical, direct damage hit to obtain for all classes, regardless of spec. Using abilities or adrenals that temporarily increase your critical chance can lock this one in quickly.


Destroyer - 300k Damage Dealt


  • This is one that would be fairly difficult to get if you're not specced into your classes damage tree. A decent amount of skill, proper use of consumables, and a whole lot of AOE attacks will make this one a lot easier to bag.

Guardian – 2k Defense in 1 Life

  • To earn this one, tank specs need to actively use taunts (AoE taunts are a huge help) to help mitigate incoming damage to teammates.
  • 2k Defense in a single life is easily obtainable on all four maps, but it helps to have some solid healers on your team.

Healer – 75k Healed

  • Most Healing specs can earn this one, even at lower levels, so long as you focus on keeping your team alive during the match.
  • The next highest rank in this track is awarded at 300k healed, and is difficult to obtain prior to level 50. It is also much easier to obtain on Void Star since the fighting takes place next to the bombs. Standing next to one of the pillars can help you keep line of sight to your teammates to heal them, or break line of sight when targeted with ranged attacks.

Medic – 2.5k Single Heal

  • Easily obtainable for most healing specs on a critical, direct heal
  • For non-healers, this one can still be easily obtained by using one of the consumable, PvP-only med packs that can be gained either as a reward in the daily quest bags, or purchased from the PvP vendors for 10 warzone or 10 mercenary commendations.




         Offense Basic- 1k offensive points
         Offense Bronze- 3k offensive points
         Offense Silver- 5k offensive points
         Offense Gold- 7.5k offensive points
         Offense Platinum- 10k offensive points
         Offense Diamond- 15k offensive points

  • Offense points are earned by attacking enemy emplacements either by planting a bomb, capping an objective or simply being in combat inside an enemy controlled area. The areas being in front of the bomb door or one of the turret emplacements on alderaan.


Paladin – 10k Defense in 1 Life

  • As with the Guardian medal, to earn this one tank specs need to actively use taunts (AoE taunts are a huge help) to help mitigate incoming damage to teammates.
  • Following your ball carrier in Huttball and taunting enemies as you move across the map tends to be one of the easiest ways to obtain this one. Having a pocket healer also helps since you have to defend 10k points in a single life.
  • A higher rank of this one unlocks at 50k defense, though it is rarely, if ever, seen.


Protector - 50k Defense


  • Another cumulative defensive medal, you do not have to get all of the points in one life. A good method for gaining large amounts a defense points is to AOE taunt a crowd of enemy players. Also always remember to keep your guard up on friendly healers, keeping them alive and giving you more points.

Quick Draw – 1 Killing Blow

  • All classes and specs have an equal chance of earning this medal.


Savior - 300k Healed


  • Like the 300k damage medal this one is only achieveable with a purely heal specced character. Using AOE heals and ensuring that your HoT are up on as many players as possible will help boost your numbers in the long run.

Shield – 5k Defense

  • Unlike Guardian or Paladin, you do not need to defend 5k points during a single life to earn the Shield medal, so it will be more commonly seen during most matches for tank specs of a high enough level.

Soldier – 25 Kills

  • DPS and tank specs have the highest chances of earning this one since they’ll be focused on fighting enemy players rather than healing their teammates, though healers can still earn this one so long as you engage in combat rather than wholly focus on healing.

Trauma Surgeon – 5k Single Heal

  • Only rarely seen in all match types, this one boils down to landing a critical, direct heal augmented in some way such as through adrenals or abilities and skills that increase the amount of healing done.

Warden – 3k Defender Points

  • Successfully capturing and defending a single turret for the duration of an Aldreaan match is the most common way to earn this particular medal.


Medal Streak


If you manage to string together enough medals without dying you, and all the other participants of the warzone will be notified of your deeds with one of the following audio and on screen messages.

  • Unbeatable- 8 medal streak
  • Invincible- 14 medal streak
  • Immortal- 18 medal streak


Valor Ranks and Titles


  • Valor Rank 10: Skirmisher
  • Valor Rank 20: Duelist
  • Valor Rank 30: Gladiator
  • Valor Rank 40: Centurion
  • Valor Rank 50: Champion
  • Valor Rank 60: Battlemaster
  • Valor Rank 70: War Hero
  • Valor Rank 80: Conqueror
  • Valor Rank 90: Warlord
  • Valor Rank 100: Elite Warlord