The Complete SWTOR New Player Handbook

The Complete SWTOR New Player Handbook

While The Old Republic incorporates many of the great gameplay hooks that form the foundation of MMOs, it brings a lot of new concepts and systems to the table as well. To help new players quickly surpass the initial learning curve and dive headfirst into the fun, we’ve rounded up a selection of SWTOR guides that are the best you’ll find in this, or any other, galaxy.

SWTOR Cartel Coin Shop

Cartel Coin Shop Guide

The Backbone behind the Free to Play Model is the Cartel Coin Shop, where you can purchase everything from armor and pets to warzone and flashpoint weekly unlocks. Find out how it all works in our Caratel Coin Shop guide.

SWTOR Advanced Class Selection Guide

Advanced Class Selection Guide

Easily the most frequently asked question throughout the beta for new players in The Old Republic, we’ve put together a short guide to provide all you need to know about how to select your advanced class.

Character Stats Overview

Character Stats Overview

Like all MMORPG’s The Old Republic is full of stats for all types of damage, defense, and everything in between. In this guide we aim to give you the edge, by listing out and explaining the various stats available in The Old Republic.

SWTOR Space Combat Basics

Space Combat Basics

Cruising around the galaxy in your own personal ship is fine, but it wouldn’t be Star Wars if there wasn’t some good old-fashioned space combat. If you want to be an ace, here are the basics to space combat in The Old Republic.

SWTOR Space Travel Guide

Space Travel Guide

Getting your own personal spaceship in The Old Republic is just the beginning of your galactic journey. While your ship is great for many reasons, such as storage and companion conversations, the primary function of your ship is for travel. This guide shows you, step-by-step, how to navigate your way through space.

SWTOR Intro Guide to Player Ships

Intro Guide to Player Ships

Every character eventually gets their own ship, allowing them to gallivant around the galaxy, have a place of refuge, and indulge in some good old-fashioned space combat. This guide explains the basics of spaceships in The Old Republic that every player should know.

SWTOR Planetside Travel Guide

Planetside Travel Guide

Starships are all well and good if you’re travelling vast distances from planet to planet, but once that ship is docked, how does one traverse the harsh desert landscape of Tatooine or the icy Tundra of Hoth? This guide answers that question by taking a look at the modes of travel you will be using to get from A to B and back again.

SWTOR Top Five User Interface Tips

Top Five UI Tips

The default UI settings in The Old Republic work better straight out of the box than in most other MMOs, but for new players it’s still worth tweaking some of the default settings to improve your gameplay experience. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help new players get their UI set up quickly and easily.

SWTOR Warzones Basics Guide

Intro to Warzones

The Old Republic has several Warzones available to players once they reach level ten. This guide aims to explain the essentials on how to get into a warzone, the different types available, and the rewards you can expect to receive.

SWTOR Complete Guide to Alignment

The Complete Guide to Alignment

Alignment is one of the core mechanics in The Old Republic, and your choice between the Light and Dark side will have a direct impact on certain aspects of your progression. This guide will explain how the alignment system works, and how your decisions factor into other aspects of gameplay.

Group Finder Basics

Group Finder Basics

The Group finder is an invaluable tool in helping you team up with like minded players looking to run a Flashpoint or Operation. In our Group Finder Guide we show you how it all works, to make your group finding experience a smooth one!


Would Like to see the next level of training/basic stuff Thanks

Very cool but do you have any chaosraiser armor to wear if you want to team as bloodskull and your incharge and general

TOR has a learning curve? phhhhbbbbbbbbbbt. Man up and play EVE.

thanks for making this, i just joined and have been asking all these questions daily lol

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