Tatooine (Area)

Planet Tatooine

The twin suns of Tatooine have transformed the planet into a veritable sand box, peppered throughout with rocky outcroppings. If the environmental factors alone don't get you, the numerous deadly creatures and unfriendly locals the Sand People, will.

Despite all these hardships, both Imperial and Republic forces maintain a presence on the planet in order to provide a port of call for ships engaged in the Outer Rim. Rumers also abound about a search for a lost Czerka research facility, said to house all sorts of ancient artifacts left by a mysterious race.

The neutral factions on the planet comes in the form of various gangs, cartels and outlaws who make use of the planets Outer-Rim location to stay under Republic and Imperial radar.

Level Bracket:24-28

Locations of note:
Anchorhead- Republic Settlement
Mos Ila- Imperial Settlement
Smugglers Den- Open World PVP Area

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