Hoth (Area)




Frozen and remote, Hoth seems an unlikely location as a political hotspot. But it's precisely these factors that make this ice-covered planet a point of contention between the Republic and the Empire. Its remoteness makes it an ideal staging point from which to launch surprise attacks, and its harsh climate makes it more difficult for the enemy to interfere with carefully-laid plans. It's also a prime spot for pirates to hide out, using the wreckage of crashed capital ships as bases of operation and "borrowing" resources from both the Empire and the Republic.

Empire players start out at the shuttle bay at Dorn Base in the Icefall Plains in the southwest. Republic players start out in Aurek Base in the Whiterock Wastes in the northwest. There are a number of areas where Republic and Imperial mission objectives will cross paths and necessitate moving through enemy zones - be prepared to be flagged for PvP here. Also beware of moving along the extreme edges of the maps where there are Exhaustion Zones that can kill the unaware within seconds.

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Hoth (Area)

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