Imperial Fleet (Area)

Imperial Fleet

Imperial Fleet


The Imperial Fleet is the heart of the Sith Empire's naval forces, and an important transportation hub between the systems within Imperial Space in their branch of the Outer Rim. It is a collection of battle cruisers and Star Destroyers centered around Vaiken Space Dock, a wheel-shaped space station situated deep within Imperial Space near Korriban.

Vaiken Space Dock, the core space station of the fleet, serves as a central staging point for players, as well. It has all the amenities - class and crew skill trainers, vendors of all stripes (including commendation and specialty vendors), and Galactic Trade Market terminals can all be found in the outer ring of the main level, and flashpoint terminals and entrances, as well as transport to the other ships in the fleet, are in the lower levels, accessible by elevators at the cardinal compass points. The lifts in the cantina lead up to specialty vendors who sell unique items to pre-order customers, and players who bought the Digital Deluxe and Collector's Editions.

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