Kaamos Territory (Codex)

Category: Locations
Level: 28
Experience: 452
Planet: Alderaan
The Kaamos Territory is the ancestral homeland of House Thul, one of the major houses of Alderaan and a contender for the throne. After Thul returned from exile with its Imperial allies, the nobles set about rebuilding on the grounds of the ancient Thul palace--abandoned long ago but not entirely destroyed, ready to be returned to glory. Thul's grip on the territory is still tenuous, as the house faces incursions from both the native Killiks and enemy houses.


For the 2nd egg above Kaamos Territory the picture shows the user ruinnng up the right hand side of the mountain. It is actually quite hard to get the correct angle to jump down from here. A much simpler way is to go left of that bit to where a small group of 4-5 bugs is standing. Behind them is a low bit of rock. If you jump on that you can follow it around then the nest is a few easy jumps below that.

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