Tatooine Import Crate (Object)

Tatooine Import Crate (Object)

Tatooine Import Crate (Object)

This box - which can be found by Imperials in a tent on Balmorra in Bugtown, next to a vendor named Ba'teil,  and by Republics next to Bat'theria, at Lytle Outpost in the Tularan Marsh - contains a Reconfigured Disassembler Core. This item can be used in a Matrix Cube Disassembler to break matrix cubes back down into the three shards used to make them. Take it to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, or to the cave in the Dark Temple area on Dromund Kaas, place it and the matrix cube you wish to break down into the appropriate slots, and use the machine.

To open the crate, you need an Import Code Cylinder. The code cylinders cost 8000 credits each, and are sold, handily enough, by Ba'teil and Bat'theria.

Type Sign
Located In Balmorra, Taris
Disabled For 1 seconds
Activates Ability On Use Opening


where is this thing?

Just found the one on Taris.
Next to Bat'theria the Junk Dealer (shows up as a vendor on the map)
Location: 708, -172 (Lytle Outpost in the Tularan Marsh)

foundt it now how do i open it? :P

You buy an item from the vendor for 8,000 credits that allows you to open the crate.

10k if you're preferred.

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