[HEROIC 4] Crushing the Jedi Freedom Fighters (Quest)

Minimum Level 17
Experience Level 21
Experience Award 4105
Credit Reward 965
Repeatable Yes
Can Abandon 1
HEROIC Imperial Hub 2 Green

Quest starts at the bounty board found at 1598, -3185, -2531

Name Map
Nar Shaddaa (Planet)
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  1. Defeat the Rebels and Jedi Leaders


  2. End: Return to Bounty Board
    • Loot: Always
    • Groupable: Nearby Group Members
    • Task: Return to the Mission Dropbox


Name Level Type Slot Value
Traditional Lashaa Silk Sash 21 Armor Waist 255
Standard Prototype Storage Box 22 625
Nar Shaddaa Commendation

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