[HEROIC 4] Gamorrean Menace (Quest)

Minimum Level 34
Experience Level 38
Experience Award 8270
Credit Reward 3845
Repeatable Yes
Can Abandon 1
Hub 2 Heroic

Name Map
Hoth (Planet)
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  1. Retrieve Combat Stims
    • Loot: Often
    • Groupable: Nearby Group Members
    • Task: Retrieve Combat Stims

    "Defeat the Unstoppable Horde and retrieve their Combat Stims in the southern Highmount Ridge."

  2. END: Return to Leebo Nobim
    • Loot: Always
    • Groupable: None
    • Task: Return to Leebo Nobim

    "You have recovered the Unstoppable Horde's combat stims. Return to Leebo Nobim at Outpost Cresh."

Name Level Type Slot Value
Traditional Septsilk Headgear 37 Armor Face 1270
Ornate Prototype Storage Box 38 1865
Hoth Commendation

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