[HEROIC 4] Invisible Foes (Quest)

Minimum Level 34
Experience Level 40
Experience Award 8785
Credit Reward 4330
Repeatable Yes
Can Abandon 1
Hub 4 Heroic

Name Map
Hoth (Planet)
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  1. Recover Stealth Field Generators
    • Loot: Always
    • Groupable: Nearby Group Members
    • Task: Recover Stealth Field Generators

    "Recover the stolen Stealth Field Generators from the Sith Stealth Assassins and Master Assassins in the far Southern end of the Starship Graveyard."

  2. END: Return to Captain Grollix
    • Loot: Always
    • Groupable: None
    • Task: Return to Captain Grollix

    "You have recovered the stealth units. Return to Captain Grollix at Outpost Zerek."

Name Level Type Slot Value
High-Tech Force D-Focus 40 Armor Generator 1805
Ornate Prototype Storage Case 40 2070
Hoth Commendation

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