[HEROIC 4] Sensitive Material (Quest)

Minimum Level 34
Experience Level 47
Experience Award 10525
Repeatable Yes
Can Abandon 1
Hub 5 Heroic

Name Map
Hoth (Planet)
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  1. Retrieve Top Secret Imperial Data Files

    "Eliminate Xesh Squad and recover the stolen data files in the Clabburn Tundra."

  2. End - Lieutenant Zeleron
    • Loot: Always
    • Groupable: None
    • Task: Return to Lieutenant Zerdran

    "You have recovered the stolen data files. Return to Lieutenant Zerdran at the Drift Hills Imperial Outpost."

Name Level Type Slot Value
High-Tech Resolve D-Relay 38 Ear 700
Jeweled Prototype Storage Box 42 2275
Hoth Commendation

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