A Slight Lean (Quest)

Experience Level 4
Experience Award 855
Credit Reward 30
Can Abandon 1
This is a breadcrumb to take send the player to the Evocii Work Camp.

MATTP - 8/16/2010 Modified as per James' M28 Hutta Plan. Quest now ends immediately after completing the Chief Enforcer's conversation.

Name Map
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  1. Speak with Chief Enforcer
    • Loot: Always
    • Groupable: None
    • Task: Speak with the Chief Enforcer

    "While passing through the cantina at Nem'ro's palace - you met Morsel - who was hired by Nem'ro to keep his enforcers in line. He's had a hard time earning respect and asks you to go to the Evocii work camp and lean on the chief enforcer a bit."

Name Level Type Slot Value
Minor Medpac 8 20

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