Descent (Quest) - Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the wake of your successful missions on Hoth and Balmorra, Master Tol Braga has requested a meeting with you at the Jedi Council Chambers on Tython. Your mission objective: to board the Emperor's fortress and take him prisoner!

Descent (Quest)

This Jedi Knight class mission gives you the chance that every Jedi dreams of, capturing the Emperor of the Sith Empire. After several conversations, which include a dark vision of the player's future, the player will board the Emperor's fortress along with a force of Jedi.

Once onboard the fortress, the player will fight their way to the throne room. You can get extra xp by defeating 35 Imperial defenders. While most of the combat that will take place is of the normal variety, there are a good number of elite opponents. Most of these are of normal difficulty for elite foes, but there are two elite Sith Harrowers that are extremely difficult to defeat. If they should prove too much for you, you can bypass them easily enough.

Once you hit the throne room, you'll be confronted by Lord Scourge, the Emperor's Wrath. While he's an elite, he's pretty normal for an elite. In fact, the Sith Harrowers are tougher than he is. Once you've defeated him, the rest of the Jedi show up and you confront the Emperor, which leads to something dark for the player to deal with in the next mission.

This mission leads to: An Unthinkable Alliance

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