CUT Lucky Reactor Seven (Quest)

Class Bounty Hunter
Experience Level 40
Experience Award 8785
Credit Reward 6060
Can Abandon 1
This is an optional quest that takes place during 'In Cold Blood', providing the player with the opportunity to activate the reactor visible from the observation deck. If they do this they will be given a significant advantage during the fight with Reneget Vause at the Observation Deck. Everything involved with this quest except for balancing the final damage is implemented and working.

POLISH: Better SFX for the reactor explosion.

NOTE: When the reactor is activated the player is IMMOBILIZED and not-players entities are STUNNED.

NOTE: Anyone who does NOT have the thermal shield buff active when the blast goes off is going to get cooked

NOTE: The player is NOT stunned AND WARNED so they can apply the Thermal Shield in their inventory (they have 11 seconds to do so!)

Name Map
Hoth (Planet)
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  1. Disable Reactor Seven's Shutdown Protocols

    "Reneget Vause is determined to face you on the observation deck overlooking the forward reactor; an unusual battleground with a unique opportunity to turn the battle definitively in your favor."

  2. DANGER: Extreme Radiation and Thermal Discharge!
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