Quesh Inoculation (Quest)

Minimum Level 33
Experience Level 37
Difficulty No Exp
Experience Award 8020
Hidden 1
This quest indicates that players have had their first inoculation for Quesh and are cleared to use the shuttle for transport to the surface from the space garage.

Name Map
Quesh (Planet)
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  1. End: Medical Officer completes the quest
Name Level Type Slot Value


This is useless and tells me absolutely nothing.

it does indicate teh mininmum level to go to quesh is 33, fool

You are the Fool, anon. There is no way of knowing if you go to Qesh for another quest (such as the endorsement quest for BH class timeline), hence why I came to this site to find out. You told me that, so thank you. But you could have done in in a far less idiotic manner.

This was exactly the information I was looking for...

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