Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations

This guide will provide you with the locations and know-how to grab all of the Datacrons located around Dromund Kaas. The planet contains five in total for boosts to Presence, Endurance, Strength, Cunning, and a Yellow Matrix Shard.


+2 Strength

This one is found inside the main spaceport where you start out on Dromund Kaas. It is located in the southernmost hanger (Docking Bay D-61) directly opposite of the one you arrive in.

Once inside the main portion of the hanger, go up the ramp on the right hand side. At the top and to the right there will be two stacked crates, and beside them, a hole in the platform you can drop through onto some girders. Follow these girders until your over top of the crates with the Datacron on them and drop off.

+2 Presence

As soon as you exit the spaceport, follow the first path to your left. Continue to follow this path up the hill all the way to the end where you’ll see a cave entrance. Travel through the cave and past the waterfall, there you will find your Datacron, good for +2 presence.

Yellow Matrix Shard

This Datacron can be found in the Heroic area “The Malignant Bog”. After crossing the bridge and entering the heroic area follow the rock wall on your right. You should eventually come across a small waterfall with the Datacron perched on top of it. Continue past the waterfall, hugging the eastern side of the wall now, and you will run across a break in the wall and the beginning of a path. Following this path will take you straight to the top of the waterfall and the Datacron.

+2 Endurance

After heading to the “Lord Grathan’s Estate” area of the map, travel to the largest and most westerly building. To the right of it there will be a small pond, and to the right of that, a mountain path. Follow this path all the way to the end and you will find you’re missing Datacron.

+2 Cunning

In the Dark temple Approach section of the Kaas City Expansion district, follow the path across the bridge (through some attack droids) and you will eventually come to a fork in the road. Take the path on the right and you will soon come to a friendly encampment. Directly across from this group of tents there is a low rock wall that a couple of jumps will get you over. Once you’re on top, follow the path, this will lead you to a cliff overlooking the Datacron. It’s now a simple case of dropping down onto the first rock and then taking a running jump to the other two, where you’ll end up on your +2 cunning Datacron!


nice guide but according to in game codex there are 6 datacrons. Not sure where the one you are missing is located

According to the Star Wars: The Old Republic Explorer's Guide, there are only 5 on Dromund Kaas. So, unless Prima Games got it wrong, then you are mistaken.

Actually, according to the in game codex there are six.

That is correct, I have searched everywhere online and cannot find the 6th one anywhere.

aparently the matrix combiner thing counts as one...

Just in case you got the Presence datacron and don't feel like going back to the spaceport, it is possible to jump down the rockface and end up in the Heroic area (the Personal Challenge one) without dying. Go past the datacron, and jump down the rocks to the NW. There are a few flatish spots you can land on as you go down, and you end up very close to the taxi. What can I say, I scored pretty high as Explorer on Bartle's test. :)

There was one in kaas city out on a girder in the far expansion area but it has disappeared.

Ok looking for the yellow matrix shard. I followed the above directions and found you cant go past the waterfall, nor is there a path. Is there another way? All the other directions for the datacrons was perfect, except this one little glich.

UPDATE: Finally found it, I had to use a Youtube vid about the yellow shard to find the pathway. The pathway; when you find it, takes you right to the Datacron, but it shows in the game as if your coming from the left hand side of the screen, yet the map on the game shows from the right hand side. Also, i think there is a glitch on this Datacron run, the directions and the map on the game will show the right but the pathway is to the left. I followed it just as in the youtube vid, the first dozen tmes the pathway was not there, then its like the game figured out what I was looking for an Bamm there was the pathway. I think its a glich in the game.

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