E3 Interview with James Ohlen

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swtor e3 2012 interview with james ohlen

There are a host of new and exciting content coming to SWTOR in the upcoming year, and BioWare has shown their plans for the game at E3 2012. To dig deeper and gain more insight into the new content coming to SWTOR, Swtorhub.com talked to James Ohlen, Senior Creative Director of Bioware.

Swtorhub.com: Can you tell us more about the Ancient Hypergates warzone?

James Ohlen: What we added was that in other warzones, you only get points for getting objectives. In this warzone, you get points for objectives and for killing other players, which we think will create a whole new dynamic within the warzone.

Swtorhub.com: The big exciting news is that of HK-51. Is this available to everyone if you do the storyline?

James Ohlen: Yes. HK-51 is a funny guy and he's got some great lines. He's available to both Empire and Republic and is found at the end-game.

Swtorhub.com: What about the new guild features?

James Ohlen: The only thing I can say about that is that we have been working on a lot of smaller features.

Swtorhub.com: What do you have planned for space combat?

James Ohlen: We have a whole bunch of new space combat missions coming. Probably the most exciting one is the Space Station Assault that is based upon the assault on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi where they fly into the space station. The graphics are just amazing.

Swtorhub.com: Can you give us more details on world events? What exactly are they?

James Ohlen: What we wanted more in the game was events that make the galaxy feel alive, where we would surprise players with something that they're not expecting. We have a whole team devoted to this, and I can't tell you any more details because that would ruin the surprise.

Swtorhub.com: Will the world events fit into an existing story or will it be a story all their own?

James Ohlen: They're unique events.

Swtorhub.com: What can you tell me about the new planet, Mekab? What level range are you looking at for it? Is it going to be more end-game?

James Ohlen: Yes, Mekab is for end-game. It's a brand new huge world with all the storytelling associated with it that you're used to, and even more. It's coming out later this year and the story for it is vast. We've learned a lot from all the time we spent in development for the end-game. It has the coolest and most epic cinematics. There are some really cool story choices that players will make. The size of Mekab is comparable to any single-player game out there. It is a full world. We did raise the level cap as that we want you, while you're exploring and adventuring throughout the world, to have the same experience as your previous adventures. We didn't want to go the epic level route.

Our thanks to James Ohlen for his courtesy for discussing BioWare's future plans for SWTOR at E3 2012.