Easy Ways to Speed Up Leveling

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There are many reasons one would want to accelerate the leveling process in SWTOR. Maybe the rest of your friends are already at level cap and you want to join them in their end game activities. This may not be your first character and your tired of the leveling process. Whatever that reason may be there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind that can get you through the levels fairly quickly, even if you’re a F2P player receiving the 25% reduction in XP gained.

Complete the Bonus Quests

It’s pretty easy to overlook these bonus quests but the truth is they often reward more experience then the actual quest itself. Almost all quests come with a bonus component to them. The more difficult ones usually come with three part bonus quests that award a chunk of XP for each as well as a very hefty amount when you turn in the whole thing.

Another benefit of the bonus quest is that you usually don’t have to go to far out of your way in order to complete them. Objectives usually can be found in the exact same area as the main quest they accompany or a very short distance away and usually involve killing a certain amount of enemies and/or collecting items.

Bonus quests are definitely the number one way you can easily boost the amount of experience you gather with very little effort required. Just remember to check your quest list on the sidebar to make sure you haven’t missed any, as they aren’t always broadcast when you pick the main quest up.

Codex Entries and Datacrons

While they may not give you a huge boost in experience, every little bit helps. Codex entries can be found all over the SWTOR galaxy and can appear as many different items or small codex plates. You’ll be able to tell if something has a codex entry if it has the tell tale blue glow surrounding it. Each one only gives a small amount of XP, around 4 or 5 standard MoBs worth, but if you see one you might as well pick it up.

Datacrons give a slightly larger amount of XP but are much fewer in number and harder to get to. Check out our Datacron Database for the complete list and directions on how to get, SWTOR’s datacrons.

PVP and Space Missions

Two great alternatives to the standard quest based leveling process that also provide a healthy amount of experience are Warzones and Space Missions. Queuing for warzones while planet side is a great way to break up the monotony of leveling and they actually pay out quite well in terms of XP. Space Missions, while not everyone’s cup of tea, also give a good amount of experience especially when you factor in the amount of time it takes to complete them.

Remember, both Warzone and Space Missions have daily quests, so be sure and pick them up to get the experience bonus.

Keeping up the Pace

In addition to these activities that directly award experience there are also a few indirect ways you can speed up your leveling. Sending your companion to sell your junk gray items instead of returning to town to do so yourself will save you tons of time you can spend continuing quests.

Making use of the various transportation methods at your disposal is also a must. Quick travel, taxis and the emergency fleet pass can all cut back on long walks or the frustratingly long planet to ship to fleet loading screens we’ve all come to hate. Also, remember to upgrade your speeder piloting skill as soon as you can. That little extra boost of speed will make a huge difference, and the upgraded speeder means MoBs will have a tougher time knocking you off.

And finally if you really want to up the ante you can use an XP boost from the Cartel Market. If you don’t want to spend any real cash, save up some credits and check the GTN. There are usually at least a couple packs in there going for a decent price.