Event Guide: Relics of the Gree

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With the launch of Patch 1.7 comes the new event Relics of the Gree, set on the previously useless Western Ice Shelf of the planet Ilum. The event is currently set to last two weeks and will have players completing quests all over the western Ice shelf. The goal of it all of course being to increase your reputation with the Gree, and be able to get your hands on some of that shiny tron gear.


If you’re currently on a character that hasn’t taken part in the Gree event before you’ll want to stop at the fleet station first. Watch the newscast from one of the terminals around and you will get a new mission requiring you to head to Ilum. Once on Ilum, take the speeder to the western ice shelf and shake hands with your new Gree friends.

All in all there are 7 daily quests for the new event, each of which will award an item that grants Gree reputation as well as warzone comms/daily comms depending on whether the mission is PVP or not. There are also two weekly missions available for the Xenoanalyst Boss located in the Gray Secant (Alien Ship).

There are three different items you will receive that grant Gree reputation, each of which give a different quantity of rep points.

Gree Memory Chip:  270 reputation
Gree Datacore: 630 reputation
Ancient Gree Artifact: 1440 reputation

All missions can be picked up from the mission vendor located at the Gree basecamp when you arrive with the exception of the Gray Secant area daily and one off missions which you can only pick up after reaching “Newcomer” status with the Gree. Once you have the required reputation thee missions too can be picked up from the same terminal.

Daily Mission List and Rewards

·      [PVP] Charging the Pylon- Gree Datacore

·      [PVP] Data Recollection/ Data Retrieval- Gree Memory Chip

·      Heroic 4: Primary Studies/ Primary Testing- Gree Datacore, Gray Helix Component

·      Experimental Bounds/ Confirmation Bias- Gree Memory Chip

·      Unexpected Variables/ External Variables- Gree Memory Chip

·      Catalysis/ Supplemental Research- Gree Memory Chip

Weekly Missions

·      Xenoanalyst II (Storymode)- Gray Helix Component

·      Xenoanalyst II (Hardmode)- Gray Helix Component

World Bosses

There are three new world bosses to deal with, if you count the Xenoanalyst encounter in the Gray Secant. All three of which drop Gree Datacores and are recommended for groups between 8-16 members in size. The two world bosses located outside the Gray Secant are Surgok’k and Gravak’k and can be found roaming the mid-west and mid east areas of the Western Ice Shelf respectively and have 2 hour respawn timers.


The new Gree armor can be purchased for a reasonable sum of credits (between 9k and 15k credits) after you have reached the required reputation rank. Weapons are a bit of a different story and not only require you to have “Champion” reputation ranking, you must trade in a certain amount of Gray Helix Components (24 for most). As mentioned before theses components are obtained by completing weekly Xenoanalyst missions and heroic dailies.