Farming Alignment Points

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When you think about farming the first item that usually comes to mind is mindlessly killing the same creatures over and over for experience, loot, or reputation. Alignment is a little different as you must first choose a path, either light or dark, and then make moral choices to earn light or dark points to advance you along that path. While a lot of your alignment points come from certain quests during the leveling process, there are some methods you can use to speed this up and become to most evil or saintly person in the galaxy.

Note: Before you do anything, make sure you have “Show Conversation Alignment” checked ON in Preferences> User Interface.

Why might you want to be gathering these points in the first place you may ask? Some do it for the character appearance; others for the legacy unlock, but most do it for the loot. As you progress through the five tiers of alignment you will gain access to more items from the alignment vendor located in the fleet station. Two titles are also awarded at Tiers three and five of the alignment spectrum and reflect the light or dark path you chose.

The first and one of the most effective methods of farming alignment points requires you to pick up the diplomacy Crew Skill. When you open the interface for Diplomacy you’ll notice that each mission has a corresponding “light” or “dark” indicator next to it. When your companion successfully completes one of these missions you’ll not only get the crafting materials, you’ll also get alignment points. While the amount received may start out small (around 10-20 points a mission) as you gain access to higher rank missions you will be awarded more alignment points each time. The points really start adding up when you have a full crew and can deploy them all on Diplomacy missions, while completing flashpoints for more points in the meantime.

Upon reaching level 10 you will be able to run your first flashpoint (Black Talon or Esseles) and can start earning alignment points the grindy way. Each flashpoint offers at least one conversation where you will gain a good chunk of alignment, the key is finding one you can complete quickly many times in a row. If you’re already a level 50 then the world is your oyster, find a flashpoint you like and can solo to run over and over. Athiss seems to be the flashpoint of choice in these regards, as most people feel it is one of the shortest in the game. Lower level folks will have better luck hitting up the group finder, or looking for three other likeminded individuals also looking for rank up their alignment.

The beauty of the two options for farming alignment is that they can be done simultaneously. While running flashpoints, be sure to keep your crew busy by sending them on diplomacy missions and adding to that alignment tally. Before you know it you’ll either be the scourge of the galaxy, or the savior of it. The choice is yours, as they say.