Five Features We'd Love to See in SWTOR

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five features we'd love to see in swtor

SWTOR is a solid and fun MMO and BioWare has done a good job of adding new layers to the game since its launch. Whether you're playing as a lightsaber-wielding Jedi or as a sinister Imperial Agent, there are elements of the game that we all enjoy. With all that being said, though, there are some additional features that we would dearly love to see introduced into a galaxy far, far away. To that end, takes a closer look at five features that we would love to see in SWTOR.

As always with lists of this kind, our choices are solely subjective ones on our part. Features that we would love to see brought into SWTOR may nauseate you more than the smell of a cut-open tauntaun. Since there are so many players in any MMO, opinions will vary wildly so if our choice of five features may not be the droids you're looking for. Now let us look at five features we'd love to see in SWTOR.

More Guild Benefits

The first feature we would love to see in SWTOR would be more guild benefits. As of now, the only guild benefit is a shared guild bank, but there is room for so much more. Top of the list would be guild housing, preferably in the form of a space station of ship. Naturally, there should be additional perks that a guild could add to their ship/station such as workstations, vendors, trainers, or shuttles to various planets bypassing the planetary space stations. Other guild benefits could take the form of various buffs given out or new social gear given to guilds of a certain level. There are so many perks and bonuses that exist for guilds in other MMOs that could easily be transported into SWTOR. There definitely needs to be more benefits to belonging to a guild rather than a shared bank and chatting.

five features we'd love to see in swtor
It would be nice to see my minions crafting on a guild station or ship.

More Dynamic/Seasonal Content

Along the lines of our guild benefits, our second feature for SWTOR reinforces the sense of community in an MMO: dynamic/seasonal content. Most players love special events that occur during the year as they add some new spice to their online experiences and help also foster a sense of belonging to a larger community. The recent rakghoul invasion is such an example. Most SWTOR players got a kick out of the event, from watching the news of the outbreak on the fleet station to running from infected people or purposefully infecting other people. What added to the enjoyment is the fact that long after the event was over, there were still some pockets of infection due to people logging infected characters out and then relogging back in with them a few weeks later.

Small scale events can get people grouping together, such as in the case of public quests in Warhammer Online or the rift invasions in Rift. On most planets in SWTOR, people fly out to the far reaches of the planet and have no real reason to organically join one another. Having a dynamic event occur will induce players to run to each other's aid and join in the event. These acts help foster a sense of community and the realization that you're not playing a glorified single-player game, but rather a full blown MMO. Let's have a Hutt crime lord start a gang war on Tatooine and attack a major outpost belonging to a rival Hutt or have a horde of wampas invade a base on Hoth!

Open Space Combat

Our third feature is open space combat. While the current space combat missions are a nice diversion, it would be incredible to be able to indulge in open space combat, either in PvE or in PvP. This would be the number one feature I would love to see as that I've always associated Star Wars with space combat, mainly as that I still remember seeing the original trilogy in the theater when they were initially released. To this day, I still get goose bumps watching the Death Star battle sequence.

To be able to freely fly through space, blowing up bad guys, and not be forced to follow invisible rails would be absolutely incredible. However, open space combat could mean more than rail-free fling, but how about being able to man a turret on a larger ship? Imagine guilds having their own capital ship going toe-to-toe with rival guilds while hundreds of players are blasting away with their turbo-lasers. Heck, you could have a small group flying a ship similar to the Millennium Falcon, with one player piloting and two-three players manning the guns. It gives me goose-bumps thinking about it. There have been rumors of big changes coming to space combat, so we'll have to wait and see. All I know is that the cold depths of space need a lot more pew, pew, pew!

five features we'd love to see in swtor
Being able to go where you want, and blow up who you want, in space would be a good thing.

Customizable Spaceships

I know that every player gets their own personal ship, but there really is no choice. Each class gets the exact same ship and all ships act exactly the same. While the new legacy system adds some tweaks, a lot more can be done. I would love to see the ability to buy a ship of your choice, each with a different layout. Plus, it would be great to be able to customize it to some degree inside by adding trophies or adding features such as a holo-chess table or jukebox. While it can be said that each player has their own housing in the form of their ship, it really doesn't feel like it.

Having the ability to have others come aboard your ship would be a nice feature. That way, you can show off your own unique ship to make your friends green with envy. The feature of unique ships could be extended into open space combat. Just imagine being able to purchase a large ship, bristling with weapons but with very little in the way of creature comforts or having a ship with the opposite capabilities. Personally, I would hold out for a ship that had a throne room, ala Jabba the Hutt, that had a live band playing and cronies hanging around for my amusement.


The last feature in our list that we would love to see in SWTOR would be the ability to dual-spec. My main character is a Bounty Hunter Merc DPS, but there are times when I wouldn't mind acting more as a healer. I could redo my skill trees, but that's always a hassle. Having the ability to switch from one spec to another would add some versatility to my character and mayhap make it easier to group. The flexibility that dual-speccing adds makes the game that much better, in my opinion. The more options that a player has, the better the game experience. I wouldn't even mind if you couldn't switch specs during combat as long as we get the ability to have the option given to us.

Does our list of five features that we'd love to see in SWTOR match your own? Overall, SWTOR is a solid and fun game, but there's always room for improvement. Adding more guild benefits, dual-speccing, open space combat, dynamic/seasonal content, and customizable ships would make the game stronger and better. More features equals more fun in my book and let us hope that the suggestions given above may come to fruition in the future.