Flashpoint Guide: Boarding Party

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For centuries the Emperor has been trying to pry the secret location of an ancient battle station from a powerful Jedi he has been keeping in stasis. This mysterious Jedi has recently escaped and fled to the station and thus revealed its location to Imperial forces. He is not alone however as the Republic Fleet has formed a powerful blockade around the station making it all but impossible for a conventional assault. Instead a daring plan has been set in motion to take control of a Republic Cruiser and sneak a small strike force past the blockade and onto the station. “Boarding Party” tasks your team with assaulting the enemy cruiser, eliminating all resistance, and taking control of its systems so it can be used for the assault on “The Foundry”.

Recommended Level: 33
Faction: Empire
Bosses: 6 (3 mini-bosses)
Alignment: 100 in either direction depending on whether you execute the crew or take them prisoner.

Trash MoBs

 There are two things you should be aware of when dealing with groups of Mobs in Boarding Party. The first are the medics which often appear with large groups of republic troops and should be the first to be taken out. The second are the large elite Battle Droids which can be found patrolling throughout the flashpoint. There are quite a few of them around so be sure to take a look at your surroundings before initiating a fight to avoid taking on too much at once.


This is a very straightforward fight if you are familiar with his three main abilities, the first of which is his AOE electricity attack. He will use this ability periodically throughout the fight, you will know when by the target reticules on the ground. Avoid the targets before the electricity strikes and you’ll be fine. His second ability is the rope grapple. Occasionally he will grab a random party member with the cable and fling them across the room. Not a damage dealer but it will interrupt any channeled abilities. Last but not least is the Energy Discharge. At regular intervals throughout the fight you will get a large message across the screen that “HX1-54 is absorbing energy from generators” followed fifteen second later by “HX1-54 is beginning to discharge energy”. After this final warning four bolts of energy will shoot out from him to the surrounding generators. Avoid these at all costs as they do a good amount of damage. These three abilities cycle throughout the fight, get them down pat and it should be a breeze.

Major Alvena (Mini-Boss)

The first of the mini-bosses is fairly easy to take down. She does have two battle droids one on each side, but they can both be CC’d. The best strategy is to crowd control the two droids and burn the Major as fast as possible. The droids will not be destroyed with the majors death however so be ready to deal with them afterword.

Sokan Do’Nair (Mini-Boss)

This boss can be a bit of a pain as he comes with two elite Jedi healers, one on each side. There are two effective strategies for dealing with this situation depending on how many CC’s you have in your group. If CC’s are in short supply, CC one of the consular healers and then proceed to burn down the other one as fast as possible interrupting his heals when possible. If you have two or more CC’s a more effective method is to incapacitate both and focus Sokan. Either way your tank should be sure to keep Sokan aggroed as his attacks hit for a good deal of damage.

Lieutenant Menerus (Mini-Boss)

This guy just makes the rank of mini-boss and doesn’t have any mechanics that would pose a real threat. Tank and spank while avoiding the occasional AOE flame droid and it should be cake.

Chief Engineer Kels

The Chief is another boss that comes accompanied with adds, this time in the form of two Modified Assault Units which boast a fair bit of health. Like the other fights you’re going to want to deal with them first. The easiest method is to pull both of these droids (they are melee) away from the Chief to deal with them. This is because of the bosses’ main mechanic, Reactor Cores in which he will detonate one of the nearby reactors causing a great deal of damage to anyone caught nearby. You will know it is about to happen when he shoots the corresponding reactor and the emote “The Right (or left depending on which one he shoots) reactor is about to detonate”. Steer well clear of the reactor to avoid any damage.

Occasionally the chief will also place a reflective shield on one of the droids as well as himself. Burn down the adds quickly while avoiding the reactor explosions and this fight shouldn’t present a problem.

Commander Jorland

Surprise, surprise it’s the final boss and he’s brought some friends with him as well. The two adds joining Jorland are a melee DPS, and a medic both of whom are immune to all CC abilities. The fight should start with your tank pulling both Jorland and the melee DPS away from the medic, as the melee DPS and Jorland both pack a pretty powerful AOE attack. After that have the DPS burn down the medic as fast as possible, interrupting the heals throughout. Once you’ve dealt with the medic focus on the melee DPS before taking on Jorland as he has a shielding ability that he will periodically place on Jorland.

The Commander himself can be a pain mostly due to his main ability Explosive Round which will hit a random party member for a good deal of damage and also those within 5 meters of that person. This is going to put a big strain on your healer so be sure to spread out to minimize the AOE damage. Healers should be sure to keep everyone’s health in decent standing as the attack is random and used quite frequently.

Burn Jorland down before your healer runs out of juice and collect your rewards.