Galactic Reputation Overview

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For anyone even somewhat familiar with MMO’s you’ve probably run across some form of reputation system in your travels. With patch 1.7 the Old Republic now joins those ranks with its introduction of the Galactic Reputation System. Player can now “rank up” their standing with certain factions in the game and gain access to valuable loot and titles that will unlock as you go. Below we take a look at the Galactic Reputation System and shed some light on how it all works.


You’ll find the new interface for Galactic Reputation located in your legacy panel just below the character perks tab. There you can keep track of all the progress you have made with each factions reputation and how much you have left before hitting the weekly cap.

Beside some ranks you will also be able to see titles, which you can unlock when you reach that rank.  Like everything else with reputation, these titles too are bound to your legacy and can be used on all characters when unlocked.

Weekly Cap and Reputation Ranks

As mentioned earlier there is a weekly restriction on how much reputation you can gain per faction. The key point of it being that it is on a per faction basis, meaning once you have maxed out one factions reputation for the week you can work on any of the other ones. Currently the reputation cap is set at 12,000 reputation per faction per week. You can however save any rep items you gain and turn them in the following week if you have hit the cap.

So far each faction has six reputation ranks you can progress through.  The reputation needed is listed as a per rank amount. To reach the highest rank of Legend, you will need to accumulate 52500 reputation points.

Outsider: 2500 reputation

Newcomer: 5000 reputation

Friend: 7500 reputation

Hero: 10000 reputation

Champion: 12500 reputation

Legend: 15000 reputation

If you do the math it will take approximately 5 weeks to reach to reach the maximum reputation rank for a faction. Assuming you are gathering the weekly maximum allowed.

The current factions available to gain reputation with are the Gree, Voss, Imperial/Republic Battalions on Belsavis, and Imperal/Republic Space Armadas.

Earning Reputation

In order to gain reputation you turn in “Reputation Trophies” which, depending on the item quality, give one of three reputation amounts to their corresponding faction.

Green- 270 reputation

Blue- 630 reputation

Purple- 440 reputation

The missions you will have to complete in order to get these items vary with each faction and are as follows.

Gree: Relics of the Gree Missions, Relics of the Gree World Bosses
Imperial First Mobile Fleet/ Republic Hyperspace Armada: Hardmode Space Missions
Voss: Voss Heroic Missions
Republic Fifth Assault Battalion/ Imperial Belsavis Guard: [Weekly] Section X Crisis, Section X Missions

Much like XP and Valor, the Reputation System also has it’s own boost that is purchasable from the Cartel Market or the GTN.