Galactic Starfighter: Not For Everyone

SWTOR's Galactic Starfighter: Not For Everyone

I've spent a week trying to get to like Galactic Starfighter. I really did. Star Wars: The Old Republic is still one of my favorite MMOs, and I'm a huge Star Wars nerd. The space dogfights in the movies are one of the reasons the series has the rabid fanbase it does, and when the "off-the-rails space combat" expansion was announced, I was jazzed. My spirits were badly dampened when it was later confirmed that the expansion would be PvP-only, but I managed to cling to some shreds of hope and remain somewhat enthusiastic about it.

But I can't do it. I just can't force myself to like it. I went in expecting to hear Wagner's "Flight of the Valkyries" playing in my head, but what I got instead was, I dunno, a Bieber remix of a Spice Girls song. The original thing was bad enough, but now it's.... gah.

It's not that the Galactic Staftighter system is inherently bad - it's probably half-decent for all I know. I'm not a PvP guy. At all. The very idea of having to endure another Huttball match makes me cringe. Which means this "expansion" - which is a PvP-only space combat "flight sim lite" - is nothing more than a frustrating fail-fest that is almost entirely not fun for a guy like me.

It's apparent that a lot of people are having loads of fun with it. Some people are getting really good at it. And they are always the guys on the other team, evidently. In my own way, I'm happy for those people. They are getting what they want, and they're enjoying the hell out of it. Gratz, guys. Have fun with it.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - about to get destroyed
About to get pwnt hard - a common occurrence.

Like all PvP, however, there is an unforgivingly-steep learning curve, and no quarter is given to those of us trying to figure out how things work. For instance, I can't seem to out-manouevre anyone, ever. Every time I fly into the combat zone, I end up with two or three bogeys on my six, and I can never seem to shake them. I do crazy barrel rolls, hit my thrusters, flip around, zip and dodge as best I can, and every time I end up either slamming into obstacles (AKA "self-destruct") or getting vaped by my pursuers, who are never thrown off by my "evasive" manouevres. It doesn't seem to matter which kind of ship I'm using, either - the scout ship is just as much of a stubborn brick as the gunship.

Clearly, this is largely a matter of me lacking any sort of skill whatsoever. I don't fault the system for that. The system works great for those with the skill to use it, as evidenced by all the kills scored against me by the enemy players. On the advice of several of the more skilled players, I ran the tutorial mission many times, over and over, but the tutorial doesn't really teach you anything terribly useful. It teaches basic movement and how to complete simple objectives, but not how to chase down enemies or how to fly defensively when you find yourself getting attacked by a bogey on your six. And that's pretty much the most important part of dogfights.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - multiple self-destructs
The team is having a rough match.

If you're like me, going into these fights raw and unskilled, it's going to suck. For a long time. Sorry folks, that's just how it is. It's a new thing that needs to be learned by hands-on experience, and the tempered advice of your betters, and improved by upgrading your rusty tin can starfighter into a blazing machine of death. Until new techniques are learned and mastered, and until you get those all-important upgrades, it's going to be a frustrating exercise in constant failure and humiliation. That's how it is for me, at any rate - your mileage may vary, depending on your natural talents or previous experience. Or you may be one of those people that looks at it as an exciting challenge to be mastered rather than an impediment to enjoying a game.

Eventually, it should start to suck less. You get Ship Requisition upgrade points every match which you can spend on improving your starfighter, making it faster, more durable, and harder-hitting. Ship Requisition points are per-ship - the points you earn with a Gunship, for example, can't be spent upgrading a Scout, and vice versa. This system uses talent trees for incremental boosts to each starfighter component - shields, weapons, engines and so on. If you end up near the bottom of the leaderboards every match, like I do, these points are slow to build. But if you score somewhere near the middle like a normal person with reflexes and spatial reasoning, you end up getting medals, and you may be able to buy an upgrade after your first time out.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - Gunship in the Hangar

You may find yourself getting locked into one particular starfighter role early on because it's the only one you have the points to upgrade into anything combat-viable. My Sith Juggernaut went with the Gunship role from the start - it makes sense, he's a big aggressive dude with a big aggressive ship - so he's kinda locked in now. The points come so grudgingly, starting over with a fresh noobie ship is going to be a whole new cycle of punishment and humiliation. And Ogregunk already upgraded his Primary Weapon, so it looks like he's Gunship 4 Lyfe.

There are two currencies you can earn in space combat - Ship Requisition and Fleet Requisition. Ship Requisition - the green one - is the upgrade currency, and the pink Fleet Requisition is used to unlock new ships. Unlike the Ship Requisition points, Fleet Requisition is shared.

Of course, there's also Cartel Coins, which can be used to unlock various cosmetic options and ship models. Since the Fleet Requisition points seem to be slower to earn and the unlocks are more expensive, it's possible to convert your Ship Requisition points into Fleet Requisition. This up-conversion also costs Cartel Coins.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - my name near the bottom on the leaderboard
Aside from the 3 medals and only 3 deaths, this is how I usually appear on the Leaderboard.

Upgrading makes your ship better, a teeny-tiny bit at a time, but the real secret is developing dogfighting techniques and manouevres to turn things things around. This is where I tend to fall flat, and where the system itself works against the player who wants to train and develop without the frustration of constantly getting spanked by the other team. It's an enclosed system, and there is no way to train up for it except by getting in and dying a bazillion times because everybody has better stuff and more skill than you. I even begged for advice on fleet and got a few helpful suggestions, but without any real context. A lot of very helpful, well-intentioned players are not wordsmiths, and it's very difficult to process some of these ideas without seeing exactly what they mean. Mostly, I was encouraged to try the tutorial mission.

Being able to upgrade your starfighter's loadout is a neat idea - strapping on bigger guns and tweaking them for longer range and better accuracy, boosting engine efficiency so you can do longer thruster bursts, increasing shield power to add some survivability. But it needs to be tied to a ranking system so worthless n00bz like me aren't matched up against massively-upgraded behemoths. In one particularly memorable dogfight, I was face to face against an enemy that had already taken a severe beating, and I was at full hull strength with my rusty tin can of noobiness. I unleashed everything I had at the enemy, tapped all my number-key skills and used both missiles and blasters, and didn't make a dent on him. He shot me a few times and I was vaporized. Some of that may have been the native disparity between our two ships - I was in a Scout vessel and his was a Strike Fighter - but not all of it. I was completely outclassed, and shouldn't have been matched up against enemies that much stronger than me.

It's the same reason I used to despise level 50 ground-based PvP - by the time I hit 50 and got in there, everyone else had already been doing it for months and had a million Expertise and War Hero gear, and I was running around in my lame Recruit gear that might as well have been diapers and a bib. From level 1 - 49, I could almost hold my own and make a bit of a contribution to the team. At 50, I was little more than a speed bump.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - burning and battle-damaged
At least I haven't crashed into an asteroid. Yet.
With ground-based PvP, a player can at least get practice by sparring with other players. If one wants to find out how to counter specific scenarios, or even create them, these scenarios can be arranged with friends in open-world PvP areas, and strategies can be devised. My guild used to have occasional cross-faction "fight nights" with our sister guild at Outlaw's Den on Tatooine. I learned a lot there and had fun doing it because I could approach it at my own pace, and observe the techniques of others without worrying about getting ganked for standing still for more than a half a second. These sparring sessions are a little different from actual PvP matches, of course, but I learned techniques from the spars that I applied to the matches. I am still pretty sucky at PvP, and always will be because I don't much enjoy it, but I no longer thoroughly embarrass myself in matches, and occasionally end up slightly above the middle of the leaderboards after a match on my lower-level characters. Except in Huttball. My name is usually near the bottom of the list when I am forced to endure a match of Huttball.

Galactic Starfighter, though, is a self-enclosed system. There's no way to train for it, because there is no PvE counterpart to it. You can't take your starfighter to some remote open-skies spot and joust with your friends. You can't approach it at your own pace - you have to get into the matches with your under-geared rusty tin can ship and get killed a lot like a dumbass by the guys who have been doing it non-stop since launch day and who have the top stuff already.

I'm sure a lot of readers are thinking, "He's only hating on it because he's not instantly pro at it, SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT!" That's a fair assumption, I suppose, but misses the mark. I don't think SWTOR's PvP is bad or needs to be changed in some fundamental way. I just hate PvP. Not just in SWTOR, but in all MMOs. It's not fun to me and I don't do it anywhere. I never got into the whole Call of Duty thing, I don't see why it is even necessary to include that style of gameplay in co-operative multiplayer games to begin with, and I don't like the horrible behavior that takes place when players compete against one another. And I'm not alone in this - lots of people play these games for the stories or the raiding or the dungeons or the other co-operative stuff, and not for pwning or getting pwned in PvP. There are a lot of us around. And I guarantee that most of these players will dislike Galactic Starfighter as much as I do.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - Republicscum just killed Qua'gunk
One death of many. This match. From the same guy.

As far as I know, Galactic Starfighter might just be the bee's knees. PvP people seem to be enjoying it, and it never takes long for the queues to pop, which means lots of people are doing it. It seems to work for people who enjoy that sort of thing. I'm just not one of those people.

Despite my personal feelings towards PvP in general, I do feel that this system - or something like it - should have been in the game since launch, that it was a missed opportunity that left a lot of Star Wars fans feeling cold early on. But I wouldn't have engaged much in it then, either. My almost-two-year-old characters wouldn't be flying much more advanced starfighters than the rusty tin can ships they're dying in now. And releasing it this late in the game with absolutely no PvE counterpart - which is the thing so many people have really felt the game was lacking since launch - is kind of a slap in the face.

I also very strongly feel that Galactic Starfighter should have come with some kind of PvE aspect - training missions beyond the abyssmally-unhelpful tutorial mission. The tutorial mission, as it is, teaches you to shoot at stationary turrets that don't shoot back or move, and then hover near the big satellite long enough for it to turn green. There are no moving targets to track, you do not learn how to lead your fire or avoid incoming blaster bolts or missiles, and the game forces you to stop to read the tutorial pop-ups every time you approach a new goal. It teaches you nothing at all about what it's like in a live dogfight, where you are so focused on trying to evade someone chasing you that you forget you can't roll too sharply away because there's a giant asteroid right beside you.

Training against AI-controlled "bots" programmed to defend a position, or to attempt to flank and attack from the rear, would give new players a fighting chance to develop new and useful skills that they could take into the matches. They could also implement exciting off-the-rails PvE battles - canyon-style fights where the player has to cleverly manouevre between giant rock pillars so the AI-bots crash into them and explode behind him, or dogfights against hundreds of little trash snub-fighters like in the rail-shooter space missions, but without the rails, and with more intelligent enemy behavior. It's mind-boggling that these things are not already in the game.

I read a dev post on the SWTOR forums about this very thing a few months ago. The dev claimed that the system couldn't possibly work for PvE because of some technical reasons. I call hogwash on that. The turrets in the matches can fire at us - I've been blown up by plenty of them. If they can shoot at us, then they can differentiate between friendlies and hostiles, the same as landscape mobs, and that means they have at least rudimentary AI. Give them mobility, and the ability to avoid careening into obstacles wily-nily, and they become AI-controlled mobs that can chase us around. Then build a couple of maps with these mobs and simple capture/destroy objectives, and pack it inside a flashpoint wrapper instead of a PvP arena wrapper. Boom, you have PvE and thousands of happy players. I'm no coder, but it doesn't seem like that big of a stretch from what's already there.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - Qua'gunk just killed a turret
Sweet, meaningless victory!

In the interest of fairness, I could point out the things this expansion has done well:

1) It's free. Releasing an expansion for free is an integrity move, and I sincerely hope this serves as a model for future content plans. They've already dropped the cost of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, so this seems likely. I could make an obvious, trite joke like, "That's good because I would never pay for crap like this," but that would be petty and dumb. And also probably false.

2) Tied to the expansion being free is the three-tiered release. Subscribers get it first, then Preferred players who have spent money on the game get access to it in January, and Free-to-play get access in February. This created an incentive to subscribe prior to December, and could lead to a population surge in February when the content becomes available to F2Pers. Unfortunately for the F2Pers, by the time they join the party, everyone else will have had enough time to buy a ton of upgrades. They will be like a caveman on a wooden raft hucking rocks trying to sink an aircraft carrier. Heck, even I might stand a chance against some of them by the time February rolls around.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter - ship unlocks in the Cartel Market

3) The generic pit crew which the player can replace with his own people struck me as a good idea. Low-level characters start out with the nobodies to fill various pit crew roles, but as the character progresses in his class story and unlocks more companions, they can take over. Using Treek and HK-51 as the Tactical and Offensive crew (respectively) adds more win.

4) The Republic ships look badass. A couple of the Imperial ships look half-decent, but the Republic ones are cool. The paint schemes are unimpressive, but I imagine that will change over the coming months. And I imagine there will be more cool-looking ship models offered up on the Cartel Market. I actually bought the Imperial TZ-24 Gladiator Strike Fighter for my Operative. I can't fly it worth a damn, but I have it and it looks better than the other Imperial Strike Fighters.

5) Through trial and error, I learned that you have to lead your shots, just like real ace gunners. When I started out, I was trying to shoot directly at the little crosshairs over the enemy dude, but eventually I discovered that it is way more effective to shoot at the little circle tethered to the crosshair. That's where he's going to be when your shots land, as long as he stays on the same course.

Again, for those of you who are having fun with Galactic Starfighter, my hat is off to you. Share your positive experiences in our comments section, and show me just how wrong I am for hating it as much as I do. And just to make it crystal clear, I'm still a fan of the game. Just not this idiotic expansion.

For those of you who share my opinion, I welcome your feedback as well. Show those PvP fanboys the errors of their ways, or even just help confirm my own bias. 

I sincerely hope most of you are having a better experience with Galactic Starfighter than I have had. Enjoy your epic dogfights, but don't expect us PvE'ers to be your wingmen anytime soon.


I honestly, truly, love GS! It's a fun Space Sim Lite, it sounds like Star Wars space battles, and the progression is deep enough to keep me interested for a long, long while. I'm sorry that you are struggling with it, but I for one am very happy with the expansion and think it can only get better as they add more content.

Sure, the progression part is pretty decent. It's the actual progressing that I find so disagreeable. If all I do during a match is suck and die, I don't progress. And in that case, I'd rather just go do dailies or level yet another alt.

I can see how this would be frustrating, and getting help on becoming better is very tough right now because there are really only a small portion of people that are really good enough to be able to instruct other people anyway. I just took to this game type like a moth to flame I guess. I'm regularly one of the top three on my team in kills/assists/damage/medals. I've been playing space/flight sims for a long time though and I have very good spacial awareness and mouse control though. As you say, I'm also getting some decent upgrades to my ships now too. Although I did play for some time without spending any of my points to give myself a chance to feel "underpowered" and give myself more of an incentive to improve my flying skills. It worked, I got better without upgrades and now that I've spent those points (about 20k points on each of my three ships total since the expansion dropped) I feel like my ships are invincible. I'm getting 4 and 5 to 1 kill to death ratios regularly now. Anyway, it's a good honest article and I appreciate your candor.

It's still eons behind what SWG had for space battles in JTL. At least we aren't on rails anymore. And I completely agree there needs to be a PVE component. Getting splatted for the 5th time by the same jer^H^H^H person just drives frustration up. Yes I know "Go get them back" Easier said than done. As it is, I'd give this expansion a 5/10.

I'd say your score of 5/10 is awfully generous for an expansion, which is how GSF is being passed off. Compare it to LotRO's Helm's Deep expansion - that's what an expansion is supposed to be like. This is a content update for a niche market, grossly mislabeled.

I understand your grief when attempting to 'learn' however you paint a much more grim picture than is necessary. 'leading' your shots as you call it is explained in detail in the tutorial. Clearly you didn't bother reading all the instructions. It does have a learning curve, but who cares be fodder for a short while. It takes MAYBE 8 hours to fully load out a ship, are you saying that a game should teach you, be fun, complex, competitive also have no chance of you dying even though you have no skills yet? Give me a break, your article is a nice read but the content misses the mark. Spend 20 hours and then re-evaluate, It's silly to think a short foray into GSF is enough to have a handle on it's overall design.

"... are you saying that a game should teach you, be fun, complex, competitive also have no chance of you dying even though you have no skills yet? " I fully expect to die several times while on the left side of the learning curve. I don't begrudge the challenge of it, and I'm not calling for E-Z Mode. The driving point of the article is, you have to enjoy PvP to get the most out of Galactic Starfighter. And I do not. I don't need to spend another 20 hours punishing myself (and everyone who has the misfortune to get teamed with me) to connect those dots. My argument is not that the design is flawed - it's that it has limited appeal to begin with. The actual design seems favorable enough for people like yourself who enjoy this sort of gameplay. For people that dislike and avoid PvP, it doesn't matter how much time they spend getting a handle on the systems, however well-designed they may be - it's still going to suck because it's PvP.

" I don't see why it is even necessary to include that style of gameplay in co-operative multiplayer games to begin with" Simply because some of us like the added challenge of fighting enemies who are completely unpredictable. :) (Not slamming PvE here, I'm well aware that performing at a high level in PvE takes skill too.) But the appeal of PvP for me is that no two matches are ever, ever going to be exactly the same.

A fair point, but I actually don't find PvP enemies to be all that unpredictable. Stun-locks, stacked bleeds and slows and face-pwnage from three attackers, every time, is as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun.

My biggest problem with GS it that it adds ZERO benefit to your character / progression / anything. There is no reason for me to waste time with it, If I wanted to play a flight fight sim, I would get one.

Ok, one of the biggest troubles with GSF I think, and one of the underlying reasons why most people can't enjoy it, is a failure to understand the essential, mechanical tactics of dogfighting. For instance, you are using evasive maneuvering in the hope that you will lose your tail. No, you use it to cause your tail to miss when he shoots at you, you dance around in his box so he can't get a steady bead on you. If you've got someone on your tail, you've essentially got 2 tactical options: fight or flight. Either you hit 'r' to target whoever most recently did damage to you and turn to fight, or you hold down the accelerator until you can see by the minimap that no pursuit is close, evasive maneuvering is employed in this phase to minimize exposure to blasters. Of course there a million permutations on these basic strategies which make the game interesting once you can abstract and distill them. And for the record, the best way to lose a tail, imo, is to run towards where there's a bunch of your friends and get one of them to scrape him off.

Never liked PvP anything in any form, in any game, ever... GSF added no net interest in the game for me (two year sub). The freebie mod-able flight suit pieces were nice, though. Almost an apology to the subs for unveiling this as an "expansion."

The expansion seems to be not to great and i agree with your rating. The game mechanics seem purposefully hard enough to make you want to gouge your eyes out and run around in a flurry of rage. I personally cant see how anyone can like the expansion, its unnecessarily difficult and is very limited to what you can do, why couldnt just release new content and raise the level cap. All that said i do enjoy the usual pvp...just not this highly annoying form of mutated pvp.

I'm completely with you on this. It's just not for me - but like you I'm really, really not a PvP guy in any way shape or form. Plus i kind of hate flight sims even at the best of times. And the space battles kind of bore me in the movies. So yeah... I'm 100% not the audience for it. But, like you say, its free and completely optional. And we got a couple of new titles and some snazzy flight suits. Hopefully the next expansion will be a continuation of our class story :P (yep, i know - really not gonna happen)

7 days subscrption + items and transfer using this link ti create an account: Sue the link to try GS before Freetoplay!

Someone feals exactly the same way I feal!!! I hate PvP too, and the GS gives me a lot of pain. It looks cool I admit - the flying itself, the starships, enviroment etc. but after few moments my starship blows up and I stop fealing cool :P (lately I was killed few times by the sam guy >.<) And I always end up at the bottom of the list :P with my team defeated of course. It makes me feal, like my side always lose (whatever side I'm playing at the moment). Anyway, thank you for making me feal I'm not only one (with PvP hating and being noob at GS) and for the tips - I'm going to try them :)

if i didn't know better i would swear i'd typed this up myself, dude you're totally rolling around in my brain. pvp is a grand addition to any game but anytime the devs decide to add new content to the game and focus on just one side of it, its almost always epic fail. if you're going to add content to a game add aspects of it that appeal to everyone. don't focus solely on pvp to keep the pvp'ers happy, and don't leave them out when you add new content for pve'ers. someday they'll get it straight, but in the end i guess no matter what they do they just cant please everyone all the time. i am absolutely no fan of pvp in any form and this expansion needs a pve side. its entirely too good an idea to leave as only pvp, and to the devs that "claim" making this expansion pve won't work for technical reasons, i say to you turn back the clock to star wars galaxies and the space expansion for that game, then try and sell me that "claim" again. don't tell me it cant be done friend, its been done before already. quit playing at the task and get it done.

I one feel bad, my muddy flew f-18s for 15 years and dropped this after a couple of bad attempts.

Bravo. Excellent article. It pinpoints so many issues with GSF, all are accurate, real and true issues and not just jaded opinions. They do represent a certain type of player, however the reality is that they likely represent the silent, not so nerd-ragey but loyal majority of TOR players. It further underscores that the game industry has moved to gameplay based decisions made by executives looking at profit margins. The days of small developers interested only in making a quality game, is for the most part, over.

its logical, since you dont like pvp, you dont like and the GS. As an expansion, yes it isnt. It should have at least 1 pve quest in it. Hope they add and some PVE quests in future, cuz with only 2 same instances, 1 FFA and millions of achievements, isnt going anywhere.

I'm not a big fan of GSF but I pretty much PvP exclusively in SWTOR and my favorite thing in any MMORPG is PvP. I don't get excited when Bioware releases a new operation. I think i've done 2 operations (SnV and TFB) in the time I've had the game since November 2011. I don't expect people who don't like PvP to suddenly turn over a new leaf and start enjoying it. If you don't like it - you don't like it. That's why the game includes both kinds of content. The vast majority of additional content that's been released by Bioware has been PvE focussed. I'd say be pleased with that. I'm glad they've started to exhibit a desire to release a bit more PvP content recently. For those counting since release they've canned Illum, release 1 (maybe 2) more warzone(s), GSF and 3 arena maps. That's not bad, maybe it's the "Grass is greener" effect but I feel like PvE gets more love.

I like GSF. i really do , but much like you I have found that the "match-making" and learning curve is just as much "off the rails" as GSF is in general. The idea is fantastic.. im lvl 10 , i am SO getting into that cockpit.... Enjoy your respawn .. fact is you will be put up against people with 6 ships, who have fully upgraded stuff, and you will have 2 basic ships with very little to do, so that while you can be locked on and hammering them, they don't care.. they just sigh and go .. bye bye birdy .. two shots later.. your dead Deathmatch is eh.. its 90% of the time a slaughter one way or the other.. Sat control is cooler, but to be honest, ya might as well sit on one Sat the entire game cuz that is really where your Ship Req comes from , objective control. Overall the game seems to be trying to balance, and the fact you can only que with 4 people means the rest of the people need to work together, and if they don't, you fail .. all and all there are some fixes that could be made.. full guild battles, 15x15 battles, ect. that would allow for More team work and the like, but overall its a bust.. i still play it .. but only when my 3 guild mates join and we basically try and survive.. My Favoite Quote so far has been .. Squad Leader : Bomber or GS to Sat C, that scout cant hold them off if they rush Ops Member: Have fun with that... Obviously , teamwork is not a option among the normal players, sometimes you get put with people who are willing and able to work on a team, even as a newbie they note who is new and kinda watch there back , but the vast majory have the same "lone wolf , or Alpha Dog" Syndrome where they MUST have all the kills, MUST do everything themselves and MUST not help anyone. Cuz they are just that... oo look they died.. figured that they try and push something like this off on IS EA games after all. I was one of the original Beta-testers and we were assured that the game was..."going to be like Star-wars Galaxies on steroids"...what we got was Star-wars on Prozac. It just makes sense seeing the track record of EA games with their hands full of money freshly grabbed from the people they duped, would push this off on people AND make it a PvP...what about the rest of their half baked promises? Well...I guess time will tell. Seeing that the game didn't even make it a year before going Free-to-play with 3/4 of the features removed, I expected it to be exactly what it is...another avenue for PKers...and this flight sim lite makes it easy for the PKers to keep at it.

As a long time space flight fan I am no slouch usually, but GSF has me very frustrated. I die in a few shots while I can land several on enemies and they done even loose shields. I have never thought that stacking people with gear so disparate was a fair idea. Its just not fun unless you are in the top end. Everyone else just gets hosed. Plus, no PVE just ruins it for me. I don't find it at all enjoyable to be the aces fodder every game till I magically figure it all out with no help and no chance to fight back fairly. Its just not fun. Glad someone likes it, but this isn't at all what I hoped for when they talked about space combat in this game. Its just crap, on top of that it is damn near a straight up mod off of the Space Conflict game. IF you don't believe me, try it, its F2P and its the same game with star wars stuff added and the balance removed.

After a month of going live, I have yet to do a match of this type. I did not do much ground PVP either, too many people playing hide and seek stun/slash/stab games with their stealth abilities. It's too late now, Stealth is as embedded as anything else at this point, and a very unwelcome ability for PVP matches. That is why they have been tweaking since launch PVP, and it's never going to get any better. Their strategy is now to reward PVP players with high ranks, the Field of Dreams approach "If You Reward Them, They Will Come. Nothing like free in game items to entice the lame PVP game.

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