Game Update 1.7 Return of the Gree

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BioWare has announced that Game Update 1.7 will be coming to a server near you shortly. Two new and fairly large items will be making their debut in the patch. The first being the long awaited “something” that would be happening with Ilums ill-fated western ice shelf. The second big announcement is the introduction of the Galactic Reputation System, which will allow players to rise in rank among the galaxies various factions, presumably unlocking access too powerful items along the way. Below we take a look at the info we know so far about these two new developments shipping with Game Update 1.7.

Galactic Reputation

Something all MMO players have become all too familiar with in other titles is making its way to SWTOR with update 1.7. Galactic Reputation will allow players to increase their standing with third party factions like the Gree or Voss and the big two, Republic and Empire. Reputation can be gained the old fashioned way, by completing missions for the faction you are trying to impress.

Like many of the other features in SWTOR reputation will also be tied to your legacy, so it looks as though advancing ones standing with a faction on one character will apply to all in your legacy. Whether or not there will be some scaling on the reputation earned for repeat missions and the like has not yet been announced.

There are currently six tiers of reputation that can be advanced through with each faction, which are as follows.

·      Outsider

·      Newcomer

·      Friend

·      Hero

·      Champion

·      Legend

The exact number of reputation needed for each rank or the amount received per mission has yet to be said, but is likely to increase with level.

Recurring Event: Relic of The Gree

Long has Ilum’s Western Shelf been a barren place where new players not dare travel and veterans only spoke of with frustration and anger. Now the Gree are taking a crack at the area and have parked their starship the “Gray Secant” over the ancient battlefield. Players from both factions will be able to take part in the recurring event which is reportedly going to last the rest of the year.

Not many precise details have been given on the changes to Ilum, but what we do know is as follows. It definitely seems to be geared to larger groups, with the chance to face a “powerful opponent” lurking deep within the Gree ship. Completing of this mission will grant players powerful Gree weapons and equipment not found anywhere else. With the introduction of the reputation system it’s probably also safe to say there is likely to be other missions in the area geared to solo or small group play.

It’s high time The Old Republic got some new material geared to players who prefer taking the lone wolf route. With Makeb still a couple months away the Galactic Reputation System may be enough to keep them and others busy in the mean time. What are your thoughts on SWTOR implementing a reputation system? And do you think this is the best way they could have brought back Ilum?