Gearing Up for Life Day

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For anyone familiar with the Star Wars universe at all you’ve either been looking forward to or dreading the Star Wars equivalent of Christmas, Life Day. The Star Wars holiday that was significant enough to get its own holiday special to the chagrin of many a fan. Life day apparently comes from Wookie origins, as a way to celebrate the planets diverse ecosystem, remember those who have passed, and look forward to the future by giving gifts to the children. As Wookies spread throughout the galaxy so did their customs and Life Day became a holiday celebrated by many different species and factions every year.

In the time of The Old Republic it seems that the occasion is already well established and items to show your Life Day spirit have been made available in the Cartel Market. If you don’t want to spend any real cash you’ll have to wait a few days for the bind timer to expire on sellers as the items were just released today.

Life Day Orb (60CC)

This crystal ball of sorts allows the user to reflect on the true meaning of life day, regaining his health and resource pool while doing so.

Life Day Holo-Tree (600CC)

An environmentally friendly way to celebrate Life Day, the holo-tree displays a traditional Life Day tree with all the trimmings at any place of your choosing.

Life Day Tinsel Bomb (300CC)

You may not associate bombs with Life Day, but this explosive is sure to get anyone in the festive spirit. Throwing the Tinsel Bomb at a target will instantly cover them in tinsel and sparkling confetti, lightening their mood and anyone in the surrounding area.

Czerka LD-1 Celebrator (1800CC)

Santa has his sleigh; you have the LD-1 Celebrator. With a hot red paint job and enough tricked out lights to make Xzibit jealous, spread the Life Day spirit wherever you go just by driving by.

Life Day Robes (960CC)

Once set of Life Day attire to complete your transformation into the most festive person on fleet station. The set comes with chest piece, leggings, and boots; plus it’s adaptive so anyone can wear!

Life Day Bundle (2,400CC)

For the true Life Day believers you can have all the items listed above for a discounted price by purchasing the Life Day Bundle.