Guide to Consumables

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It’s a dangerous universe out there and sometimes even the hardiest of heroes need a kolto band aidfor their cuts, or an energy stim to keep them going on those late night op runs. Lucky for them the Old Republic is chock full of miracle cures, pep pills, focusin, and a variety of other intravenous chemicals to provide a leg up on the competition in any situation.


Even with a pocket healer in your companion ranks there are moments when you need a quick jolt of health and the Doc isn’t around to help. Some of these include Warzones, Flashpoints and Operations all which require you to check your companion at the door. Luckily for you there is a wide assortment of medpacs both reusable and single use to get those blaster holes patched up in no time. No matter what the situation, 

having a good selection of the latest medpacs is always a good idea. In PVP they are tantamount to a free life, and in PVE they can help take the stress off of an overburdened healer.

The important thing to remember about all medpacs is that they can only be used once per fight and have a cooldown of 90 seconds. Meaning you won’t be able to pop another one until you have dropped out of combat (the current fight) and the 90 seconds has elapsed.

Medpac Varieties:

Common (White): Standard-Issue Medpac ---> Exceptional Medpac

 These medpacs you will find just about everywhere and can be purchased from your local medical droid as well. They provide a simple one time shot of health with no extra bonus, and are consumed in the process. A new variety of the common medpac becomes available every 4 levels at an increased strength.

Crafted Premium (Green):

Compact Medpac---> Ultimate Medpac   
Tech Surgeon Med Unit---> Squad recovery Med Unit  

Created by the Biochem crewskill, these medpacs come in two varieties. The first version (Compact Medpac) function the exact same as the common medpacs only they pack more health. The second variety are the Med-Units, these not only heal you but also your companion. It should be noted however that  med-units heal for a slighter lower amount than the Medpacs and require a lot more materials to craft, so best to stick with the med-pacs unless both you and your companion are really taking a beating.

A new stronger version of each becomes usable every 8 levels.

Prototype (Blue):

Prototype Compact Medpac---> Prototype Ultimate Medpac
Prototype Tech Surgeon Med Unit---> Prototype Squad Recovery Med Unit

Prototypes are the next level of medpacs crafted by the Biochem crewskill, the schematics for them can be obtained by reverse engineering the Premium (Green) version mentioned earlier. Although both the Medpacs and Med Units provide the exact same initial heal amount as their premium variety, the prototypes have the added bonus of an additional dose of health (a little lower than half of the initial) over 15 seconds. They are consumed with use.

Energized Med Drip, Exotech Med Unit:

The final two prototype varieties become available at level 50, and function a little differently than the previous line. The Energized Med Drip restores a large amount of health but over a 30 second period, and the Exotech Med Unit heals you, your companion, and increases maximum health by 15% for 15 seconds.

Artifacts (Purple):

Reusable Compact Medpac---> Reusable Ultimate Medpac  
Reusable Tech Surgeon Med Unit--->Reusable Squad recovery Med Unit 

Acquired by reverse engineering their prototype predecessors, these Medpacs & Med Unit do not get consumed with use. While the do provide the same healing power as their prototype pairing, they do not come with the additional heal over time, a trade of for the reusability. In order to use them you will need to have attained a certain level in the Biochem crewskill, for example the Compact Medpac requires Biochem(1) and the Ultimate Medpac, Biochem (380).

They are not BoP and can be sold on the GTN or traded to another player.

Rakata Medpac

The crème of the crop when it comes to medpacs is the Rakata Medpac. Although it can only be used by those with Biochem(400) it packs as big a heal as you can get (3750-4575) and increases total health by 15%for 15 seconds. Another bonus is that you do not have to do any reverse engineering to learn how to craft it; the schematic is purchased straight from your trainer.


 Stimpacs provide a 60 or 120 minute buff to one of your primary stats and in higher quality crafted versions, a buff to a secondary stat such as power or defense. The standard variety of stimpac can be purchased from vendors on the fleet station as well as the faction bases on many of the planets. Only one stim can be active at a time.

Much like the Medpacs the prototype and reusable variety schematics are received by reverse engineering the lesser quality variety. The prototype quality items also have a lifespan of 120 minutes and persist through death while reusable artifact stims last only 60 and are removed upon death.

There are also Rakata level stims as well, but they can only be used by those with Biochem(400) and last for 120 minutes.

Which stim to use when depends entirely on the class and current role/situation you happen to be in. As a general rule you’ll want to stick with your advanced classes’ primary stat (ie. Might stim for warriors/knights, resole for inquisitors/consular). If you’re in a round of Huttball and find yourself as the ball carrier however, you may want to opt for the increase in health and defense and go for the Fortitude Stim.

Might Stim- Increases Strength and Power
Reflex Stim- Increases Aim and Power
Command Stim- Increases Presence
Fortitude Stim- Increases Endurance and Defense
Resolve Stim- Increases Willpower and Power
Skill Stim- Increases Cunning and Power

Vendored stims provide the exact same primary stat buff, but without the added benefit of the secondary stat increase, the do not last through death, and they only last 60 minutes.


If stims are tantamount to eating a healthy meal before heading to the track meet, adrenals are like the performance enhancing drugs you pop right before the race. They provide a 15 second boost to the secondary stat of your choosing, and are crafted by the Biochem crewskill.

While many of the earlier premium and even prototype versions can be learnt straight from the Biochem crewskill trainer, these will have to be reverse engineered in order to get the schematics for the higher end prototype, reusable, and rakata adrenals.

Rakata brand adrenals can also only be used by a level 400 Biochem, so not a good idea to try and sell them as you wwill not find much of a market.

There are also PVP adrenals which can be purchased using warzone commendations and provide a 15% boost to expertise or act as a medpac. They can only be used in a PVP environment.

Types of Adrenals:

Absorb- Increases Armor
Attack- Increases Power
Critical- Increases Critical Rating
Efficacy- Increases Alacrity
Force- Increases Surge
Tech- Increases Accuracy
Triage- Increases Force & Tech Power but reduces all damage dealt by 50%




Although it definitely does not play as large a role as some other games, the world of SWTOR still has a place for the edibles. There are two types of bonuses you can receive from partaking in some space food, an increase in out of combat health regeneration, and a bonus to presence. Both are a great choice for leveling as they will improve the effectiveness of your companion and get your health topped up for that next group of Mobs.

So there you have it, all the uppers downers and chemicals in the galaxy you'll need when the force just doesn't cut it. A word of warning though, remember to use all stims and adrenal in moderation as we all know they can be a gateway consumable to more dangerous substances (ie. deathsticks).