Hutta Datacron Locations

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In this guide, we provide you with maps and complete directions to each of the datacrons hidden throughout Hutta in The Old Republic (be sure to check out our Korriban datacron guide too). Datacrons are ancient devices that will provide you with permanent stat boosts, or matrix shards that can be combined to create items for your 'relic' equipment slots. On Korriban, there are a total of 2 stat boosts, and 1 matrix shard - complete details on how to find each can be found below.

+2 Presence

This datacron is located just past the Rust Works entrance. Cling to the main building when the ground splits for an inlet, and when you reach the coastline you'll see a pipeline leading north to the two closest islands. Climb aboard this pipeline using a piece of gray junk abutting the pipe.

When you reach the corner obstacle, take a short running start and step (not jump - it's easy to overshoot) onto the middle platform. Aim for the middle raised part of the adjoining pipe and take a running leap onto it. I found it easiest to complete the 2 moves in a single motion. It takes practice - if you fall off, swim under the pipe and climb the coastline to try again. Have paitience and soon you'll increase your stats by +2 Presence.

+2 Aim

This datacron is in a deceptively simple location. To reach it, head into the southmost part of the Hutta map. When you win your way through the Evocii rebel camp and just barely reach the area infested with hulking droids, hang a left. YOu should find an Imperial Medical Droid and a collapsed pipe leading up the hillside back the way you came. Climb the pipe and work your way around the ledge (don't climb to the hilltop), and if you keep an eye above and to your left, you'll see the blue glow of the datacron. Though it doesn't seem possible to climb up to it, it is. Enjoy a +2 to Aim!

Blue Matrix Shard

The third and final datacron on Hutta is found in the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels, a Heroic +2 instance just south of the halfway point between The Muckworks and the Rust Yards. If you enter through the western entrance (which is where your heroic mission will pinpoin on the map), make your way to the left at the "T". Take the eastern entrance to the u-shaped offing (the left side archway is blocked, but you can see the datacron behind the barrier). Fight through the U and you'll come across a champion-level bot guarding the datacron. Beat him and the blue shard is yours (you'll find it in your mission inventory - keep it so you can create yourself a relic with 2 additional shards).