Hyperspace 101 – A Guide to Space Travel in SWTOR

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Getting your own personal spaceship in The Old Republic is just the beginning of your galactic journey. While your ship is great for many reasons, such as storage and companion conversations, the primary function of your ship is for travel. You can go anywhere in the galaxy, be it planet or space combat, by hitting the hyperspace highway and this guide is here to show you, step-by-step, how to navigate your way through space.
Step 1: Open Your Galaxy Map
To begin your travels through space, you’ll need to use your galaxy map onboard your ship. The galaxy map, described in our guide to ship basics, is the central component of your ship, allowing you to travel throughout the galaxy. The galaxy map is located on your ship’s bridge, you open it by clicking on it. An alternative method is to click on a chair that’s on your bridge and this will seat your character and open the galaxy map.

Step 2: Choose a System to Travel To
You will notice that once you open your galaxy map, you’ll see that there are five different systems that make up the galaxy. These are:
  1. Seat of the Empire
  2. Hutt Space
  3. Unknown Regions
  4. Coreward Worlds
  5. Distant Outer Rim

Your ship is based originally upon the planet that you received it. Once you travel to another planet, your ship will be based there. You can see where your ship is based by the small head/shoulders icon on the map.

Each system has a number of locations that you can travel to. These locations are either a planet or a space battle. If you choose to go to a space battle, you will still be located at the planet you traveled from to get to the space combat once the battle is over. If you choose to travel to a planet, your ship will be based upon the destination planet.
Click on a system to open it. You will see the locations (planets or space battles) that you can travel to. As an example, let’s look at the Coreward Worlds system for the Republic side.

Note: The Republic and Sith Empire will share many destination locations within the galaxy map, but there will be some locations that are specific to one side.
Step 3: Choose a Destination
Once you’ve chosen a system within the galaxy map and clicked on it, you can now choose a destination to go to. Continuing our example of the Republic Coreward System, let’s select Alderaan. Now you’ll get a nifty screen showing the planet and additional pertinent information. 

At the bottom you’ll see an area labeled FUEL COST. This is the amount of credits you’ll need to spend to travel to Alderaan in all its pre-Death Star glory. If you do not have enough credits, you’ll be unable to travel so make sure that you keep some cash on hand.
Step 4: Choose “Travel Now”
On the screen showing our destination choice, all you have to do to travel there is click on the “Travel Now” button and you’re off zooming through hyperspace. If you choose not to go to Alderaan, all you have to do is select “Return to Coreward Worlds.” To return from any system map, just select “Return to the Galaxy” button. You can also do so by hitting the Esc key. 

Choosing Space Combat
If you want to engage in some space combat, you follow the steps outlined above. The difference being that instead of selecting a planet, you select a space battle to go to. Just like choosing a planet, you’ll get an info screen for the battle telling you the fuel cost to travel there and any suggested ship upgrades, which is explained in our space combat guide.
That’s all there is to it! There are four simple steps to traveling the galaxy in your own personal ship.

Galactic navigation was never so easy! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be jetting around the galaxy, exploring strange new worlds and taking part in epic space battles. Just make sure that you don’t leave your left turn signal on while you’re traveling through hyperspace.