Imperial Agent Companion Guide

Quite possible the only class to be more secretive and devious than the Sith Inquisitor is the Imperial Agent. These elite agents of the Empire use their expert skills stealth or long-range accuracy to strike crippling blows before the enemy knows what hit them. If their so great at what they do, why do they need a companion you may ask. Well, Ethan Hunt needed a team of specialists behind him to pull off those supposedly “Impossible” missions and the same can be said for the agent. Depending on the situation the right companion for the job will change, but as a ranged damage dealing/healer class the safe bet will be to go with one that complements this style, such as a ranged or melee tank. Ultimately the choice is up to you and you may find yourself drawn to a certain companion not because of their utility but because you enjoy having them around.

Companions provide many benefits for all classes in The Old Republic. Their primary function for most players is their role in combat. There’s a lot of political intrigue and secrets to unravel that the Agent just can’t do alone. So what better way to ensure success than by having someone fight alongside you? Some companions can put out a tremendous amount of damage, helping players defeat their enemies more quickly. Other companions are extremely useful by taking aggro off the Imperial Agent and focusing the enemy's attention onto themselves. Companions can also go on missions for you to retrieve crafting materials or gifts. The best benefit of companions is that it allows the Imperial Agent to not waste time. Companions save time in two ways: by selling grey items from your inventory, so you don't have to travel back to town to find a vendor and by crafting items while you're out performing your super spy duties. If you're feeling lonely, companions provide some interaction while onboard your personal ship. Some companions can also become romantically involved with the Imperial Agent, but be sure they don’t have ulterior motives in mind.

As the Imperial Agent travels through the galaxy, they’ll gather five companions as they level. Each of these companions will be found on different worlds and will be equipped. However, you should make sure that each companion has the best up-to-date gear so they'll be better able to aid you in your fight to crush the Republic. You don't want your companion to have some ancient blaster pistol or armor that not even a jawa would bother to scavenge while looking at the business end of a light saber. Companions do not normally come equipped with ear pieces, helmets, or implants, so grab them as soon as possible.

Imperial Agents can only have one active companion with them, just like every other class in The Old Republic. The remainder of your companions will stay onboard your ship, presumably keeping themselves occupied with mindless busy work. Companions do not accompany players into warzones and will "desummon" if a group has more than three players as that companions count towards the cap limit of a party.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to hit ESC to leave a conversation if you’re making choices that anger your companion. If you’re willing to redo the conversation a few times, you can maximize your companion’s affection potential from that conversation.

Kaliyo Djannis

Ms. Djannis is the first companion to join your group of Imperial Saboteurs and is also one of the Imperial Agents romance options. For someone her age she has lethal combat skills, which she picked up acting as an assassin for various less than reputable cartels and business groups.

An excellent choice for the Imperial Agent, Kaliyo does her double duty as either a tank or ranged DPS. If you choose to go as an operative it’s a no brainer, have Kaliyo in tank mode to distract while you heal and DPS. Snipers can choose between the two. Close up, having her in tank spec will keep the heat off, while the damage boost from Kaliyo in long range encounters can down enemies before they get close.

Planet: Hutta
Armor: Heavy
Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol/ Blaster Rifle
Main Attribute: Aim
Crew Skills: +10 Armstech,+2 Critical Underworld Trading
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Underworld Goods
  • Love: Weapons and Luxury
  • Like: Military Gear and Technology
  • Indifferent: Courting, Cultural Artifacts, Trophies, Republic and Imperial Memorabilia

Vector Hyllis

A career Imperial Officer with a flair for diplomatic relations, Vector Hillis prefers to spread Imperial influence through knowledge rather than military force. Usually this method proves highly successful, but an insectoid species on Alderaan has turned the tables on Hyllis with their own brand of propaganda.

You might think the diplomatic type would be averse to combat altogether, not the case with Hyllis. He’s a melee DPS and wields an electrostaff. He’s not much of a tank however and can only equip medium armor.

Planet: Alderaan
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Electrostaff
Main Attribute: Willpower
Crew Skills: +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +5 Diplomacy Critical
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Imperial Memorabilia and Courting
  • Love: Cultural Artifacts
  • Like: Weapons, Luxury, and Trophies
  • Indifferent: Military Gear, Technology, Underworld Goods, and Republic Memorabilia

Doctor Eckard Lokin

A mysterious doctor with some shady connections to Imperial Intelligence, Lokin is the third member to join your crew. What is known about Lokin is that he’s a dam good doctor and beyond that is anyone’s guess.

The healer of the group, Eckard can be a great help to those who chose the sniper route. If you’re looking for a hand on damage though you may want to look elsewhere as the Agent has better companions for that job, such as Kaliyo.

Planet: Taris
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Main Attribute: Cunning
Crew Skills: +15 Biochem Efficiency / +10 Investigation Efficiency
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Military Gear and Luxury
  • Love: Technology
  • Like: Underworld Goods, Republic and Imperial Memorabilia
  • Indifferent: Trophies, Cultural Artifacts, Weapons, and Military Gear

Ensign Raina Temple

Another mysterious member of the Imperial Agent’s crew, you pick up Ensign temple on the planet Hoth. A strange place for young bright member of the Imperial Military to be stationed, her true purpose in the Imperial military has yet to be uncovered.

Temple is a ranged DPS, extremely deadly with a blaster pistol. While she doesn’t complement the Agents abilities very well, if you need a boost in ranged damage output she can’t be beat.

Planet: Hoth
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Off-hand Pistol
Main Attribute: Cunning
Crew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Armormech Critical

Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Military Gear
  • Love:  Imperial Memorabilia
  • Like: Weapons, Courting, Luxury, and Republic Memorabilia
  • Indifferent: Technology, Cultural Artifacts, Trophy, and Underworld Goods


A self-centered droid if there ever was one, Scorpio is all about become a better, deadlier droid. Luckily having the control codes for her renders her helpless to destroy or flee the owner.

A ranged tank, Scorpio makes an excellent pairing for either the Operative or the Sniper. Unfortunately you don’t get her until late in the game, but Kaliyo makes a good fit until then.

Planet: Belsavis
Armor: Heavy
Main Weapon: Electrostaff, Blaster Pistol
Main Attribute: Aim
Crew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency and +2 Slicing Critical
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Weapons
  • Love: Technology
  • Like: Military Gear, Cultural Artifacts, and Trophies
  • Indifferent: Underworld Goods, Courting, Luxury, Republic and Imperial Memorabilia

Now that you have a complete guide to the Imperial Agent’s companions in The Old Republic, your Agent will now have the knowledge to easily crush the Republic and bring victory to the Empire. Each companion has different strengths and it's up to you to decide which one to accompany you.


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