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Whether knifing through hordes of rebels, dispatching high value targets through a scope, or quietly working behind the scenes for regime change, the Imperial Agent is both the puppeteer and the dagger of the Empire. Experts in backroom diplomacy, offsensive support, and assassination, the Imperial Agent is a very capable damage dealer with a variety of stealth, crowd control, and healing abilities available as well. Often wielding a sniper rifle or a vibroknife, few classes can match the Imperial Agent's versatility, especially in player vs. player (PvP) warzones, flashpoints, and operations.

Starting Out as an Imperial Agent

Your first steps as a Imperial Agent will be on Hutta, just as much of a seething hive of scum and villainy than Mos Eisley ever was. It's here that you'll establish your reputation as a skilled agent in Imperial Inteligence by pitting two Huttese houses against each other, then making sure the house that supports the Empire wins.

For the first ten levels you will train new abilities each level that introduce you to the basics of what will eventually become your two Advanced Class options: Operative or Sniper. Before leaving the planet you will also obtain your first companion, Kaliyo D'Jannis, who can serve as either a tank or ranged DPS in groups or solo combat. Operatives quickly find that they're one of the few classes that can utilize cover, which absorbs a majority of ranged attacks.

During those first 10 levels, you will want to pay particular attention to which playstyle you naturally gravitate toward. If you prefer using your carbine to work your way in for some close-range wet work, you may find that the Operative suits your playstyle best, while long range attacks fall more in line with the Sniper, as you might guess.

Advanced Classes for the Imperial Agent

The Operative

Combat Roles:

  • Melee and Mid Range DPS
  • Healing and Stealth / Positional Attacks


  • Main Hand – Blaster Rifle
  • Off-Hand – Vibroknife
  • Armor – Medium

In terms of combat style, the assassin uses a mix of melee and short- to mid-range attacks. You will also gain the ability to enter Stealth while out of combat, and use Combat Advantages (charges granted by using certain abilities) that allow faster healing, more energy, or other additional benefits.

The Operative's strongest attacks are melee attacks delivered from behind the target or while the target is incapacitated, so budding Operatives should learn to establish aggro on their Campanions, or use either stealth or the Operative's palette of incapacitating abilities to flank their opponents.

The Operative also boasts a good range of healing abilities, including one of the Empire's only area-of-effect heals. A capable role-healer in flashpoints, the Operative's heals tend to have long activation times, making healing a useful standby in warzones and long PvE encounters.

The Sniper

Combat Roles:

  • Ranged DPS


  • Main Hand – Sniper Rifle
  • Off-Hand – Vibroknife
  • Armor – Medium

The sniper is an advanced class that offers good long-range (30 m) damage and is the only Empire class that can establish cover in the open behind portable field generators. The Operative, in contrast, can only gain cover behind obstacles.

Like the Operative, the Sniper is most effective when a Companion or Groupmate is handling tank duties. But the Sniper, lacking the Operative's positional attacks, tends to suffer when an opponent closes to melee range. This is especially problematic in warzones. Good snipers identify melee opponents quickly (the ones carrying lightsabers or vibroblades) and take out remaining ranged opponents while comfortably situated behind cover.

Imperial Agent Companions

As with all classes in The Old Republic, Imperial Agents will gain new companions as part of the natural class quest storyline progression. The Imperial Agent’s companions and the planets where they are obtained are listed below:

  • Kaliyo D'Jannis – Hutta
  • Vector Hyllus - Alderaan
  • Scorpio – Belsavis
  • Ensign Raina Temple – Hoth
  • Doctor Eckhard Lokin - Taris

Crew Skills

There are three main types of crew skills in The Old Republic: Crafting, Gathering, and Missions. Players are restricted to only one crafting skill from the list, but may choose any combination of gathering or mission skills.

The three most beneficial Crafting skills for the Imperial Agent are as follows:

Armstech – This allows you to craft your own weapons and barrel weapon modification. The Imperial Agent's first companion carries a bonus to Armstech efficiency, allowing you to craft weapons and the prinicpal weapon modification, barrels, more quickly. Couple this with Scavenging and Investigations to be a largely self-sufficient Armstech crafter.

Armormech - This allows you to craft your own armor and armor modifications. A great thing about Armormech crafting is that you have the largest pool of looted items to reverse engineer. Couple this with Scavenging and Underworld Trading to be a largely self-sufficient Armstech crafter.

Biochem – Nothing beats being able to produce your own consumables. Biochem will not only allow you to craft your own stims and medpacks, but unlocking the Artifact quality will produce a non-consumable version, essentially giving you access to a reusable stat boost or heal. The reusable stims are particularly great for PvP players, since you can keep using them each time you respawn if you die during a match. Couple this with Bioanalyis early in the game to max it out quickly. Note that your second companion has a bonus to Bioanalysis efficiency.

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