Introduction to Warzones

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The Old Republic has several Warzones available to players once they reach level ten. This guide aims to explain the essentials on how to get into a warzone, the different types available, and the rewards you can expect to receive.

Joining the Queue

So you’ve hit level ten and are ready to jump into the wonderful world of Warzones. You need look no further than the bottom corner of your screen. There you’ll find the Warzone button which contains all the options for joining a random queue, either solo or as a group. Once signed up, the button will glow indicating your place in line for the next available match. When one becomes available a notification will pop-up center screen, you will then have one minute to either join or opt out.


Pre-Game Preparation

Now that you have all the know-how on joining a Warzone there are a couple things you should take care of first.

·  Pick up the Daily Warzone Quest – This is available in your faction’s fleet station around the same area as the PVP item vendors. It can only be completed once per day and rewards you with a nice chunk of valor,experience, and credits.

· Visit Your Trainer – It can be tempting to jump straight into the fray when you hit level ten, but paying a quick visit to your trainer to grab the latest skills and choose your advanced class will ensure a better chance of survival and help define your role within the group.

The Warzones

The Old Republic currently has three Warzones available for your PVP pleasure. Huttball, Voidstar, and Alderaan are all accessible right off the bat and vary as much in location as they do in gameplay.


Players start off on one of two teams, the Frog Dogs or the Rot Worms, and will face an opposing team that can be from other the same or the opposing faction.  The goal of the game is to get the ball located in the center of the map into the opposing teams “endzone”, while battling enemy players and avoiding anti-gravity, fire, and acid traps located throughout. To move the ball players have two options, carry it, or pass it to another player (Range of 30m). When time runs out, the team with the most points (one per goal) wins.


The Alderaan Warzone starts players off in their faction’s troop transport, which are located on opposite sides of the map. In between the two ships are three large laser turrets which when controlled will begin to auto-fire at the opposing team’s ship. The counter located at the top of the map represents the ship’s hull integrity and when it reaches zero the ship is destroyed. The first team to destroy the others ship is declared the winner.


Taking place on an ancient derelict Imperial Battleship, the Voidstar is an assault-style Warzone that rotates each side between attacking and defending the ships memory banks. There are three sections of the ship that must be broken through in order to reach the datacore, each with two doors. Doors are destroyed by placing a timed explosive on them, which if left un-defended can be disarmed by defenders. Once one door in a section is destroyed, the other will open as well. The winner is determined by whichever side reached the datacore the fastest. If neither side reaches the datacore, the team that progressed the farthest takes the win.

The Rewards

Warzones are not just fun and games; they also provide a variety of rewards. For completing a Warzone players will receive valor, experience, credits, and commendations. The amount of each you receive depends not only on the number of enemies you kill, but also on the healing/ protection of other players, and any objectives (ie. Capturing a gun/ blowing up a door) you complete. Heal, kill, or protect enough and you will receive a medal for your hard work and another hit of valor and experience. When the match has concluded you will have the option of voting an MVP (No, you can’t vote for yourself), who will receive yet another boost to their rewards.

Important: Winning a match will give you a significant boost to the rewards listed above, so fight hard!

Valor – Increases your valor rank which in turn rewards you with new titles.

Warzone Commendations – Traded to a PVP vendor in exchange for PVP specific items, weapons, and gear.

Once you’ve built up enough commendations you can head to the PVP vendor located on your factions Fleet Station and turn them in for items, weapons, mounts, and gear.

Be sure to check back soon for more in-depth guides on each of the individual Warzones and the strategies that will ensure you come out on top!