Jedi Sage Advanced Class guide

Swtorhub is proud to present the Jedi Sage advanced class guide. It's your one stop comprehensive source for information, guides, and tutorials to the Jedi Sagefor new and seasoned adventurers. So be sure to stop by and find out everything you've ever wanted to know about this solemn and powerful class.

Jedi Sage Guide


Uhhhh....where's the beef?

wtf wheres the effing info

For those of you who are complete retards, and want to know where the guide is, click on the link that says jedi sage guide, then scroll down.

So.. 1) Navigate to the Class Guides main page 2) Click the link that says 'Jedi Sage Advanced Guide' 3) Click other link that says 'Jedi Sage Advanced Guide' They are not complete retards because SWTOR HUB decided to put a useless, redundant page in there.

the real retards are the idiots who send you round a dead cycle on this crappy pointless out-of-date website. Well done !!

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