Post date: Halfshell February 5, 2013
This morning Tentonhammer launched it's latest website Spark! If you're a fan of MMO's and strive to keep up to date...
Post date: Halfshell November 8, 2012
An early Christmas gift that you don’t have to pay for, The Old Republic will be switching to its F2P model next...
Post date: Halfshell April 10, 2012
It's almost here. Patch 1.2 in all it's glory will begin its trip to the live servers this coming thursday, April 12th...
Post date: Halfshell February 28, 2012
Bioware's Stephen Reid has just updated the official forum with launch dates/times, and server lists for the imminent...
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Post date: Halfshell February 21, 2012
It's already been two months since The Old Republic's offical release and Bioware has posted a video to mark the...
Post date: Halfshell December 20, 2011
The big day has arrived, and to commemorate it Bioware has just posted the "Your Saga Begins" Launch Docume
Post date: Halfshell December 15, 2011
The SWTOR faithful's pleas have been answered. Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuck have just announced on the...
Post date: Halfshell December 13, 2011
Right on cue at 7am eastern this morning thousands of eager players began their saga as the servers were brought onl
Post date: Halfshell December 12, 2011
In preparation for tomorrows early access Bioware has just posted an article containing all the info you'll need to
Post date: Halfshell December 12, 2011
Guild leaders take note, emails have been sent out with all the information on your guilds placement status including