Legacy System Guide [Updated]

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What is the Legacy System

The Legacy System is unlocked after completing Act one of their first characters storyline, which will prompt you to create a legacy surname (ie. Your Star Wars Surname.). It allows players to create a family tree using their characters on that server, be they Republic or Imperial, and choose their relationships with one another ie. Brother, ally, nemesis, sibling, or spouse.

The other main function of the legacy system is that it provides various unlockable bonuses, race unlocks and abilities that become available on your characters server wide. Some of the unlocks such as class buffs become available for free once you complete the end of Act 2 of the class story. While others like the Ship Mailbox require you to be a certain legacy level and spend a large amount of credits to unlock.

How do I Unlock my Legacy

The Legacy System is unlocked when you complete the first story act on your first character (usually around lvl 32-34). Once completed you will gain access to the Legacy UI located on the top toolbar. This will provide access to your family tree as well as any class/race/purchasable unlocks that are available to you.

A Look at the Legacy UI

The Family Tree

The legacy interface contains all the settings and information on your Star Wars family. The of which you’ll come across is the Family Tree. To start your family tree, drag characters over from the character pool on the left and drop them into the center. To choose the various relationships characters will have with one another, hover them over the character you want them to be connected to. The options available are child, adopted child, ally, rival, spouse, and sibling.

 Global Unlocks

The next menu items on the list are Global Unlocks. These come in a variety of forms the first of which are class specific.

Under the Imperial and Republic class tab you will see each class has 3 un-lockable as well as one for each companion. The class unlocks are an emote(complete chapter 2), class buff unlock(complete class storyline), and a class specific heroic moment also for completing the storyline.

Below the class unlocks are five slots each representing a companion. When you have completed all of that companions story quests, their corresponding slot will become unlocked and you will receive the described buff to your stats, a bonus in presence and a reduction on the cool down for heroic moment. It is important to note however that you will only receive the specific stat bonus once for each companion type (ie. Ranged tank, melee tank, healer, etc.). You will still receive the plus ten to presence though, and reduction in cooldown though.

For example: If you complete all of Lord Scourge’s(melee tank) storyline quests you will receive your stat buff, +10 presence and the cool down reduction. If you later complete Bowdaar’s (melee tank) story quests on our smuggler of the same legacy, you will only receive the presence and cool down reduction.



Fairly self-explanatory, this menu will display all of the species you have played and unlocked by reaching level 50. Once unlocked these races are available for character creation on any class and for any faction. Another way to unlock classes, available to the super-rich, is to purchase it. This does come at a hefty price however, 1.5 million credits per species.


A large bundle of unlock able goodies can be found in the other section, all available for a price and a minimum legacy level.


The two alignment available abilities are the Legacy of Sacrifice and the Legacy of Unity. Both of which require an alignment level of five (dark/sacrifice, light/unity), that the character has reached level 50, and you be legacy level 10. Once unlocked all characters in you legacy will have the ability to drain their companion for an instant shot of health (sacrifice) or redice damage to you and your companion for a short period of time.

Ship Unlocks

Although there is no option to remove your ship droid completely, there are a few useful and fun items available that will make your ship a little more fully featured.

The cheapest modifications you’ll find are the ship mailbox, warzone training dummy, and operation’s training dummy. Each of these requires a legacy level of 10 and 500k credits to purchase, but will provide you with quick access to your mail, and something to hit after you get stuck in a bad warzone group.

Next up are the repair droid and the galactic market kiosk. The repair droid of course repairs your gear, but it can also be used to vendor your unwanted goods and also has a few unique mods available for your protocol droid. It can be purchased for 1million credits and a legacy level of 7. The most expensive and level taxing is the galactic market kiosk. In order to get your own personal line into the galactic market you’re going to have to shell out 5million credits and have a legacy level of 25.


Strictly for laugh’s and with no real combat effectiveness are the valor abilities. They can be unlocked by reaching their given valor rank or alternatively by their legacy requirement.  A good way to have some fun duels as they don’t allow weapons to be equipped in order to use them.


The convenience legacy unlocks are all about getting around, and all have multiple ranks that can be purchased from 1-3. The first is the Legacy Fleet pass which will reduce the cool down on your emergency fleet pass by 1,2, or 3 hours depending on the rank of pass you purchase. They are cumulative as well so if you grab more than one ie. Rank 1 and 2, the total cool down reduction becomes 3 hours.

The legacy travel unlocks function exactly the same as the fleet pass reductions and come with the same ranks and cost. 100k for rank I, 200k for rank II, and 300k for rank III, with a legacy requirement of, 5 10, and 15 respectively.

Finally when your boots are on the ground there is the rocket boost. For 2 million credits all of your legacy characters get the rocket boost ability that will allow them the sprint at a very fast speed for a short period of time. There are also two additional unlocks available for 1 and 1.5 million credits that will reduce the cool down of the ability.


Last but not least we have the social legacy unlocks. These emotes are purely for fun and come in the following flavors which can be unlocked by reaching the required social rank starting from rank 2 and eventually requiring rank 10. The four currently available are Companion Dance, Tech Emotes (use datapad, holocom etc.), Tool Emotes (scan, use binoculars), and the big kahuna Double Lasers. All of these can also be purchased with cold hard cash and an indicated minimum legacy level.

Character Perks

Note: All of these perks will only be available to the character you unlock them on and not to every character in your legacy. Spend Wisely!

New with patch 1.3 are character perks, which allow you to streamline the levelling proccess of an alt with its various unlockables. The first of these are the advancement perks which can be purchased to provide an additional bump of experience for completing certain activities. The five available to choose from are the improved warzone, flashpoint, space mission, class mission, and exploration experience. The initial unlock will provide a 2% increase in experience gained with an addition four tiers available for unlcok that will bump that up by 2% each. In addition to the legacy level requirement of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 for each tier, a sum of 20k,30k,50k,75k,100k must be paid as well.

Companion upgrades are also bundles in with the character perks and provide a bonus to companion affection gained and augment chance when crafting. There are two different varieties of the affection perk, both of which have three tiers that provide a 10% bonus to affection gained each only one is for gifts given and the other for conversations. the augment chance bonus also comes in a three tiered format, but only provides a 1% per tier increase of recieving an augmented item when crafting. The last item on the companion list will reduce the time it takes for your companion to sell junk items to 30 second for tier 1 and 5 seconds for tier 2.

The travel perks are probably the most useful of the bunch and are understandably the most expensive. The first is the priority transport perk which allows quicktravel to your capital planet, outlaws den pvp area, fleet vanguard vessel, and black hole daily area for each tier in that order. It is important to note however that while they do not share a cooldow with your regular quick travel they do share it with one another. Lastly in the travel section are the speeder piloting perks. Each of the three tiers reduces the required level for each rank of speeder piloting. Tier one reduces rank 1 speeder piloting to level 10, tier 2 reduces rack 2 piloting to level 30, and tier 3 unlcoks rank 3 piloting at level 40.

Finally we have our convienience perks, for thsoe who truly have credits to burn. Firs ton the list is the field repair droid which when unlocked, will provide basic repair and vendor services for you and your party. There are three tiers to this perk, each of which provides additional duration for the droid and a redution in cooldown for the abilities use. Next up is the field mailbox which is exactley what it sounds like. It also has three teirs to it, which reduce the mailboxe's cooldown a great deal. Last but not least is the field respec, that will allow you and only you to respecialize your character's skills while out in the field. However, the same costs that would apply when respeccing at the fleet will still apply here.