Makeb Datacron Guide

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Makeb is the Hutt Controlled planet currently targetted by both the Republic and Empire not for it's strategic location but because of the growing power the Hutt's have been accumulating there. The Hutt's aren't the only power however. Two ancient datacrons lie on the planets surface to empower any who dare to find them with increased endurance and presence. Below we give you, the datcrons of Makeb!

+10 Presence

Head to Perekta Mesa and then head south. At the point marked on the map you should see a line of rocks that lead up to another large open area. Jump up the rocks and enter the area. Straight ahead in the distance you'll see a lone large rock. Go behind it and run through the hidden cave entrance. Ahead and to the right you'll seea  square opening in the rock formation. Jump down through the hole and head right through a large opening and hug the rock wall to the right. Follow the path around and down until you see some large broken pipes sticking out of the rock wall. Jump to the silver pipe and then over the blue one onto the large brown pipe. Run to the end of he brown pipe and you'll see the datacron on a platform below. Jump down and collect!

+10 Endurance 

Take the speeder to Frinn Mesa and then head to the starting point marked on the supplied map. The rest can be completed by following our long detailed video below.

So there you have it, the datacrons of Makeb.  There' only two but both provide a healthy 10 bonus to their stats.