Making the Most of SWTOR's Double XP Weekends

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The Old Republic’s first double XP weekend is almost over and hopefully you’ve managed to make some headway on a few characters. The double XP weekends will run every weekend after, until they wrap up on Monday April 8th, most likely around the same time we’ll be seeing SWTOR’s first expansion (coincidence?!). For all you F2Per’s out there this will come as a huge relief from the extra slow leveling pace of having reduced XP returns all this time, so you should probably try to make the most of it right? Below we go over some helpful tips that will help you get the most out of the remaining upcoming double XP weekends.

Clear your Schedule, Your Mind, but not Your Stomach

A gaming marathon while laughed at by some, is serious business and can take its toll on the unprepared. The first obstacles in your way will be friends, family, pets, or anything that could break your attention/ require your assistance to survive. You know these people better than I so I’ll leave it to you to come up with the excuse, but I’ve always found a phony work related nervous breakdown will get people off your back and can be related to by most. Once you’ve got the time cleared get your favorite high-energy, low health food and beverages ready, and log in.

Grind Time

The good news for those who don’t mind a grind is that the double xp weekend experience boost stacks with any xp boost you can purchase from the Cartel Market and any legacy xp boost you have unlocked. If flashpoints are your thing and you have the flashpoint legacy xp perk, grab an experience boost from the market or GTN and watch as your experience gained tops 300% (the boosts and perks multiply off of the new 200% xp rate so are worth more). If you get a group together with like-minded goals, you should be almost outlevelling a flashpoint after running it once. The same can be done for warzones as well.

Group Up

You may think that grouping up would only slow your pace by cutting down on the amount of XP gained from each kill. The truth is that with a group you’ll be taking down mobs at such a fast pace it won’t matter. Remember to keep group makes within around two levels of you as if they’re a lot higher than you they’ll be siphoning off a lot of your xp.

Don’t Waste Time

It’s only double xp for the weekend so you’ve got to make the most of it. Make sure you’re not wasting any time on quests that are more than a few levels below you (grey). The time it takes to complete them is not worth the small reward they’ll pay out. Since you’ll be leveling at a much faster rate be sure to keep a constant eye on them, as you’ll be outlevelling quests fast. The same can be said for Flashpoints. It should only take a few runs of a flashpoint, with all experience boosts on, until your too high a level to be gaining any decent experience from it. When that happens move on to the next one and repeat.

These are just a few tips to help make the most of the Double XP weekends. What strategies did you find worked the best this past weekend?