Patch 1.2 Overview

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It’s here, a little earlier than expected Patch 1.2 has hit the Public Test Server with fifty plus pages of patch notes touching on every aspect of the game, and adding quite a few new features. Two of the “biggies” are the UI customization options and the mysterious Legacy System which will have players building their Star Wars family tree unlocking races, buffs and starship upgrades along the way. For a hands on opinion of the new UI options and Legacy system; check out this previously published article from our inside source at the Guild Summit.

Below you will find a brief look at just a few of the Major changes coming to The Old Republic. The patch notes in their entirety can be found on the Next Page.


Building Your Legacy

The legacy systems empty page and ever present XP bar have been teasing players since their first character finished act 1. Patch 1.2 brings life to your legacy, with the introduction of the server specific family tree. Bringing up the new interface presents you with a flow chart style page with different slots representing the relationships each character can have with one another (ie. Spouse, brother, father…).

Other legacy unlockables include races, abilities, and buffs. Play a class through their entire story line and their “iconic ability” becomes available to any other character in that legacy. An example of this given at the SWTOR Summit was a Sith Warrior using the Bounty Hunter’s flame thrower ability, and the Smuggler laying down some force choke. These abilities do have a restriction however, a companion must be present in order to use them, similar to the Heroic Moment each class currently has. Buff unlocks will function in much the same way but are unlocked a little earlier, after completing Act 2 of your class story and don’t need a companion to use. Complete a class to Act 2 and their Buff will be available to all other classes in that legacy.

A race is unlocked when you have reached level 50. Upon doing so that race is now available as an option for any new characters regardless of faction or class. There’s going to be some pretty tense moments when the first pureblood Sith Jedi strolls into the Republic Space Station.

Starship upgrades will be tied into the legacy system as well. As you progress in legacy levels a variety of upgrades will become available for purchase including a mailbox, training droid, repair droid, and even a neutral GTN. Word is these items will carry a hefty price tag however, in an attempt to prevent the Space Stations from becoming ghost towns.


PVP Changes

The PVP scene is set to receive a number of additions, the largest of which are the new Warzone and Ranked PVP matches and an overall shift away from the mess that is Ilum. Once the patch is released players will be able to queue up for Ranked Warzones (solo or in a group of up to 8)which will offer a whole new set of PVP Gear in the “War Hero” set, only available by purchase with ranked warzone commendations. Regular Warzones will still offer up the same gear as before, but will completely do away with the Gear Bags and Valor requirements, allowing purchase of any PVP Gear with Warzone Commendations.

PVP stat tracking will also be making an appearance in the patch. Players will be able to keep tabs on everything from their win count, to players killed, and even MVP Votes Received.

The new map being offered up is Novare Coast, an objective style map that tasks players with controlling at least two of the three objectives (turrets) in order to take down the enemy fortifications. This warzone will support same-faction battles, hopefully helping to reduce the amount of Huttball matches that have been plaguing over populated factions since launch.


UI Customization

The big ticket item that many of us have been waiting for; the ability to alter the size, position and other elements of your UI frames will finally become a reality. Not only that the coveted “target of target” window will also be making an appearance, ensuring you always know what the guy you’re shooting is shooting.

Other improvements to the games UI include a much needed upgrade to the GTN interface (which now supports text only searches), maps not becoming translucent on a taxi, toggle option for subtitles, and a whole lot more.


New Flashpoint and Operation

Lost Island is the new flashpoint on the block and picks up the story from Kaon Under Siege, released in Patch 1.1. Players are tasked with tracking down Dr. Lorrik the creator of the plague and bringing him to justice. From what came out of the Guild Summit, this is supposed to be one of the most difficult Flashpoints to date; for a hands on perspective check out this article from our man on the scene.

PVE’ers rejoice for there will be a brand new operation to be conquered. The strangely named “Explosive Conflict” takes place on Denova where the Trandoshan Warlord Kephess has seized control. Invaluable to the war effort due to its large resource deposits, your task force must take out Kephess and put the planet back into friendly hands. The operation will support both 8-man and 16-man groups, and provide both a Story (normal) and Hard Mode for each. This is also the next Tier of operations and as such will boast a new, and more powerful selection of items.

The changes mentioned above represent only a few of the highlighted items on the Patch Notes. For those wanting to get all the details you can find the massive list on the Next Page.